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Brolly @ Menara Felda, Platinum Park KLCC


Like an umbrella, the garage themed Brolly houses nine different restaurant concepts under one roof, all featuring chef-inspired food made in-house to satisfy every appetite. You could think of it as a food court but all the ‘stalls’ belong to the same management so there’s no competition here. Simply grab a seat and start ordering!



The menu is also designed in a way that each restaurant brand has its own section and design. Since it has nine restaurants’ amount of dishes in it, it might take a while of flipping back and forth before you could decide on what to order.
We started off with two half dozen of oysters from the Moley’s Oyster BarFine de Claire No.2 (from France) @ RM12 each and Kelly’s Gigas Oyster No.4 (from Ireland) @ RM8 each. If you are wondering, the numbers indicate the grade of the oysters. For example, the Fine de Claire No.2 means each oyster weighs around 86gm to 110gm, while a No.0 grade would be 150gm+ each.


The live oysters were undeniably fresh and high in quality, so they are best enjoyed raw with just a tiny squeeze of lemon. Personally, I prefer the Gigas more because they are slightly meatier.




Brolly is also owned by the same people behind the Southern American-inspired Crab Factory at SS2 so you could expect their presence as well. And because of Brolly’s sheer size, tanks of live seafood could fit here easily.
To order the seafood boil, simply pick one of the 15 available seafood types, choose the sauce and its spiciness level and then the add-ons. We had a bag of scallops and button mushrooms in their medium spicy signature Southern Bang sauce @ RM96 (500gm) and it was delicious!


If you like the sauce, don’t let it go to waste! Get a serving of Hush Puppies (fried oatmeal balls) @ RM9.90 which is perfect to dip into any remaining sauce. These unassuming looking oatmeal balls were truly enjoyable even on their own with a dense and chewy texture. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this tasted. Highly recommended to try.


Also from the Crab Factory menu, Cajun style fried baby squid @ RM12.90 – best enjoyed while it’s still warm and crispy.


For something different, try the Gumbo @ RM13.90. It’s basically a stew, usually made with meat or shellfish in a thick and strong flavoured stock. Loaded also with cooked-down vegetables, spicy sausage and rice, this is essentially a flavourful wholesome dish. Be warned though, the taste might not appeal to everyone.


Pizza is made available by Nove 9 Pizzeria and just like the name says, there are 9 flavours to choose from. Among all, the Thai Beef Guava Salad pizza @ RM28 stood out the most hence it was ordered. Although it’s not mind blowingly-good, it was decent with a refreshing topping of diced guava, mango and beef sitting on a thin base that’s crispy around the edges.


Chicken wings lovers should be thrilled with My Wing Man and their crunchy oatmeal coated fried chicken wings. Tossed in creative sauces like E&B Sambal, Cencaluk and Japanese curry, each serving comes with 3 pairs of wings @ RM18. And as weird as it may sound, spicy chocolate sauce works well with fried chicken wings! It’s about time we have something new instead of the same ol’ BBQ or buffalo sauce.


Great for sharing over a drink and conversation, the hand-carved Onion Flower @ RM18 is one of the many nibble items in vari.EAT.y, undoubtedly inspired by Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin’ Onion. They managed to get the onion right but the accompanying brown sauce was lackluster and just couldn’t compare with Outback’s blooming sauce. Maybe a cheesy dip would be better.


And of course, how could Brolly leave out BBQ? Ember & Bara BBQ offers both meat and seafood cooked over open charcoal fire (in an open kitchen) and served in traditional Western and Asian influenced sauces.
The Baby Backribs @ RM70 (single pax serving) was fork-tender and the meat came off the bone effortlessly. We had it with Old Fashioned BBQ Coffee sauce and all I can say about the rich, dark and flavorful sauce is.. wow. The ground coffee not only adds depth to the sauce, it also helps to balance the sweetness in the BBQ sauce with its acidity and bitterness.


Desserts-wise, I think you will be pleased to know that they have taken out the traditional cakes and ice creams and replaced them with nutty and fruity alternatives. Served in a glass jar, the Chunky Peanut Butter Granola @ RM16 is a not-so-guilty pleasure treat which you could have by yourself or to share.



There are two restaurant concepts that I did not mention and they are Raksaksa Mirai (Japanese rice bowl dishes, not open for dinner) and Bang Bang Baller Bar, which is the red van parked outside that is responsible for all the beverages served at Brolly.
Beers and cocktails take up most of the drinks menu with a good selection of non-alcoholic mocktails, juices, coffee and tea at reasonable prices. Soft drinks come at cut-throat prices though so it’d make more sense to get the mocktails instead.



Brolly Garage Themed Restaurant


Ground Floor, Menara Felda
Platinum Park, No.11, Persiaran KLCC
50088, Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 11am-11pm
Tel: 03-2181-4122

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