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If this pot looks familiar, it’s either you have read my old post about Sauna Prawns, or you have seen and tasted it before personally.


For those uninitiated, Sauna Prawns is a dish where a glass of Carlsberg beer is poured into a pot with heated sauna stones underneath, then immediately followed by a bowl of live grass prawns on top of the steamer lid.
As soon as the beer touches the rocks, steam is generated which will cook the prawns alive. At this time, the dining table would be filled with a faint beer and seafood aroma, enticing each and every diner. Just imagine the pot as a sauna room and the prawns as people, except they won’t get out alive. Oh, so poor prawns.


The prawns’ freshness is very important in dish so only live prawns are used. And I don’t think you could get any fresher prawns than live ones. 500g of prawns for this dish cost RM41, inclusive of the table-side show, uniquely available here only.


Guang Xi Wei Nian Chicken (广西味唸鸡) @ RM23 for half a chicken is a common food among Guang Xi people, typically prepared during Chinese New Year celebration. It is basically Pak Cham Gai (steamed chicken) mixed with a ginger and chopped parsley sauce called 味唸 in Mandarin (means dipping sauce in Guang Xi language).
As simple as it may appear, the flavor is surprisingly rich and delicious. And actually if this was eaten the traditional way, the chicken is to be dipped into the sauce in a separate bowl isntead of mixing them together. But I guess it was prepared this way for convenience sake, since there were about 10 of us eating together.


Three Happiness @ RM60, something like Five Seasons (typical hot & cold dish in Chinese functions) but with only three dishes of Sweet & Sour Pork, Stir Fried Squids and Seaweed Spring Rolls. I found all of them tasted so-so and also quite expensive. For the same price I felt it would be better (worthy too) to get two seperate main courses of meat or fish.


Claypot Long Dan (Estuary Garoupa) with garlic leaves @ RM35 is highly recommended. The fish tastes already fantastic on its own with a nice chewy skin and smooth flesh. This, coupled with the delicious gravy and cooked to a perfect tenderness will be a dish that will keep me as a returning customer.


German Pork Knuckle with Mongolian Sauce @ RM48, still as good as our last visit.


XO Sauce Tofu @ RM18, a great example of how food can taste great in the hands of a skilled chef even with seemingly normal ingredients. I thoroughly enjoyed the food well except for the Three Happiness. It had been a long time since I had such a satisfying meal (especially after returning from Europe)

Brother Yat Restaurant
Lot B1-765, Jalan Subang 4,
Taman Industri Sungai Penaga (Ultramine Industrial Park),
47500 Subang Jaya,
GPS Coordinates: N3 02.812 E101 35.807
Tel: 012-6846276

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