Edge International Dinner Buffet @ Hilton Pattaya

Hilton Pattaya Edge All Day Buffet Restaurant
Hilton Pattaya Edge All Day Buffet Restaurant

Hilton Pattaya is a well-known hotel along Beach Road for its distinctively unique design, unequaled interior complete with an unrivalled view. It’s also connected to Central Festival Pattaya Beach which is inarguably the classiest shopping mall in Pattaya.

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Restaurant Terrace

Since Pattaya is a seaside city, you can expect to see plenty of restaurants offering all kinds of seafood buffet. If you are vacationing in Pattaya and looking for a buffet restaurant that provides feast for the eyes and palate, Egde Restaurant fits the bill perfectly.

Pattaya City and Beach View

Edge Hilton Pattaya Lush Cushions

Edge is Hilton’s all-day dining venue and the design is stunningly intimate and cozy. You will be wowed by the floor to ceiling windows that cover the entire front of the restaurant. The terrace is filled with lush and colorful cushions to hang out while enjoying the unobstructed panoramic views of the city and beach.

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Restaurant

Edge is also known for its daily themed buffet which adds a twist to the spread of buffet favorites. For example, Monday is “Tex-Mex & More” offering flavors from Mexico and Texas. Tuesday is “Extended Tapas” featuring natural and healthy Mediterranean sea classics, while Wednesday is “Burgers, Salads and Sandwiches”. You get the idea.
We visited on the last day of our vacation (Sunday) and tried their International Dinner Buffet @ THB960 nett/pax. Lets take a quick tour of the spread.

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Seafood on Ice

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Shrimp on Ice

Seafood on ice.

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Sushi Rolls

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Sushi

Sushi and sashimi at the adjacent counter. I honestly did not expect sashimi to be available from what I read in the forums. I guess Edge took the feedback and added it into their spread to meet guests’ expectations.

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Cold Cut Section

Cheese, cold cuts and tuna/salmon martinis.

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Claypot Seafood Noodle

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Tiger Prawns

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Blue Crab

A section dedicated to live cooking of claypot noodle prepared with fresh tiger prawns and blue crabs. Simply place your order with the seafood of your choice and return to collect in 5 minutes.

Edge Hilton Pattaya Freshly Baked Pizza

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Crispy Pizza

Freshly baked pizza, still hot and crispy. You can see the chef putting up a show by tossing the pizza dough in the air too.

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Hot Food Section

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Thai Food Section

Thai food and a carvery station which offers a traditional style selection of juicy roasted beef and lamb.

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Cakes and Desserts

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Dessert Counter

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Cakes

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Cakes Desserts

The dessert counter alone makes the experience worthwhile. The selection is top notch and features mouthwatering pastries, dessert shooters, chocolate fountain and ice creams.

Edge Hilton Pattaya Fresh Seafood Buffet

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Sashimi

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Seafood Noodle

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Cake

Among the food we tried, our favorites were claypot seafood glass noodles (must have here!), sashimi, roasted meat and seafood tom yum. Every dessert we had was a hit which kept us returning to the counter repeatedly to try every item possible.

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet View of Beach and Central Festival Mall

Overall, it was a satisfying meal and the food lived up to the restaurant’s charm. In fact, we loved the venue so much that we decided to stay back a little longer just lounging at the terrace to enjoy the night view and sea breeze with a cuppa in hand. I got to say, the experience was sublime and surely memorably for years to come.

Edge Hilton Pattaya Buffet Restaurant Evening

Edge Restaurant Hilton Pattaya

International Dinner Buffet @ Edge

6pm – 10.3pm (Monday – Thursday and Sunday)
14th floor, Hilton Pattaya
333/101 Moo 9 Nong Prue, Pattaya Chonburi, 20260 Thailand
Tel: +66 38 253 077

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