Mitasu A La Carte Japanese Buffet @ Central Plaza, KL

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Mitasu Japanese Restaurant Central Plaza

Currently, Mitasu is one of the hardest Japanese buffets to get into in KL. From my observation, there are a couple of reasons why they are extremely popular.

Mitasu Japanese Buffet Restaurant

First of all, they are serving a la carte buffet, something buffet chasers nowadays look for because it gives an impression that the dishes are prepared upon order. Secondly, the price is affordable @ RM59.90++, not cheap but not too expensive too. And lastly, the restaurant does not impose any time limit so customers are allowed to stay on and eat until they are closed.
Reservation is a must in the weekends (including Fridays) and you risk being turned away if you come as a walk in. I myself have tried to make a reservation a couple of times in the past few months and all of them were unsuccessful. Then when I finally got a reservation and was done with the meal, I kind of wished I didn’t know about this restaurant’s existence.
Even though the a la carte buffet’s menu appears to have a lot of selection, but it’s merely an illusion because many of them are carb laden options. The items/ingredients feel repetitive with a different topping or cooking method.

Mitasu Japanese buffet Salmon Tuna Sashimi

Mitasu Japanese buffet Butter Fish Sashimi

Mitasu Japanese buffet Aburi Maguro

As for sashimi, you are limited to only salmon, tuna and butter fish. Among them, only the salmon was satisfying while the rest was only passable at best. That said, you can’t really expect a lot from a Japanese buffet that costs RM59.90++ per pax.

Mitasu Japanese buffet Raw Oysters

Mitasu Japanese buffet Cold Tiger Prawns

Chilled Mussels with Mentaiko

To get your money’s worth, the only dishes that worth ordering from the so-called “cold cuts” section are the raw oysters and tiger prawns. But unfortunately, the oyster did not taste fresh at all while the tiger prawns and mussels are small with too little flesh to be enjoyable.

Mitasu Japanese buffet Squid Butter Yaki

Mitasu Japanese buffet Sanma Shioyaki

Mitasu Japanese buffet Lamb Butter Yaki

Mitasu Japanese buffet Beef Sukiyaki

Mitasu Japanese buffet Brinjal Teriyaki

Mitasu Japanese buffet Ebi Gyoza

The cooked items did not fare very well either as they were lazily prepared without flair, especially those Bata-Yaki stuff. Based on the food we had, the only dish we found that was truly tasty was the beef sukiyaki while the rest (we had) were only edible.

Mitasu Japanese buffet Deep Fried Scallops

The worst item we had was probably the deep fried scallops, which were in fact imitation crab sticks. So if you are looking for the real scallops, order the teriyaki version.

Mitasu Japanese buffet Scallop Teppanyaki

And if you do order it, don’t hesitate to ask for more because they are served in pathetic portions, like 4 pieces in a tiny bowl slightly larger than a soy dish.

Mitasu Japanese Buffet Central Plaza

In conclusion, Mitasu is for those who prefer to stuff themselves with quantity rather than quality. We had high hopes for the restaurant as we know others who rave about it, but came away disappointed in the end. Recommended? Only if you’re curious and have run out of buffets to try.

Mitasu Japanese Restaurant

Mitasu Japanese Restaurant

B-01, Central Plaza
No.34, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 KL
Tel: 03-2110 2833
Business hours: Mon – Fri (6pm – 10pm), public holidays & weekends (12pm – 3pm, 6pm -10pm)

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