Oppa Steamboat Buffet @ Kepong

Oppa Steamboat Buffet restaurant Kepong
Oppa Steamboat Buffet restaurant Kepong

** This restaurant has closed down **

Oppa Steamboat Buffet Four Tiers

Remember when 4-tier steamboat was the talk of the town? You can boil, grill and steam food using the same steel pot so it was a unique concept back then.
The thing with our local restaurants is that when a particular food or dining concept becomes popular, everyone starts to copy and replicate it. Just look at how many salted egg this and that and half baked tarts we have now. It doesn’t pay to be original anymore.

Oppa Steamboat Fresh Mud Crabs

Oppa Steamboat Buffet Kepong Roe Mud Crab

Oppa Steamboat Crayfish Yabbies

Oppa Steamboat Buffet Prawns and Yabbies

Oppa Steamboat Scallops Mussels

Although Oppa Steamboat Buffet is not the first restaurant to come up with the idea of 4-tier steamboat, at least they doing it right. The variety of food you get is more than enough to keep you a happy camper. For RM45, you can eat and drink as long as you want until they close.
Besides the usual prawns and frozen shell fish, you will happy to know that roe crabs and yabbies (crayfish) are also offered in the spread. In fact, we were surprised that roe crabs were available for the price that they are charging. Not to mention the freshness is commendable too.
Pork, lamb and beef slices need to be requested at a dedicated counter. Since they are sliced from frozen blocks of meat, prepare to wait especially if there are customers who request dozens of portions at once.
Dim sum is also available and you can retrieve them from a chiller next to the meat counter. Honestly, we expected the dim sum to suck because that’s usually the case in buffets like this. But they were surprisingly good and the selection is great as well. Just don’t expect them to proper dim sum restaurant quality so there won’t be any disappointment.

Oppa Steamboat Buffet Seafood on Ice

Oppa Steamboat Steamed Prawns

Bobogo Steamboat Buffet Steamed Dim Sum

Oppa Steamboat Buffet Cooked Crayfish

Oppa Steamboat Buffet Pork Slices

Basically, we stuffed ourselves silly with roe crabs and yabbies that night and went home satisfied. Service wise, I thought it was great and I approve the fact they hire local aunties to work in the restaurant. They were some of the most efficient, friendly and courteous staff we have ever encountered.
With that said, I feel the biggest weakness of Oppa Steamboat Buffet lies in their soups. We had the chicken herbal and tomyum soup and both of them tasted kind of weird. Not terrible, just don’t taste expected. Maybe it’s their own recipe or something.

Oppa Steamboat Buffet Restaurant Kepong

Oppa Steamboat Buffet 欧巴火锅

No.2, Jalan Rimbunan Raya, Taman Rimbunan, Kepong
Business hours: 5pm – 12am
Tel: 03-6179 3039

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