San Nae Deul (Noonsaram) Korean BBQ Buffet @ Ampang

San Nae Deul Noonsaram Korean Restaurant Ampang
San Nae Deul Noonsaram Korean Restaurant Ampang


First of all, the San Nae Deul at Ampang is unrelated to the other San Nae Deul Korean restaurants you see in KL. Somehow, they just happen to share the same name and without going into the mumbo-jumbo of who’s the original and whatnot, just know that they will be rebranded to Noonsaram soon.
In conjunction with the rebranding, San Nae Deul Ampang (Noonsaram) has recently launched a very affordable mini Ssam Bab buffet @ RM20nett for lunch and RM25nett for dinner. Due to this ongoing buffet, the a la carte menu is temporarily suspended, although I am sure they would prepare something simple like kimchi soup if you insist.

San Nae Deul Noonsaram Korean BBQ Buffet

It’s called a mini Ssam Bab buffet for a reason because it features only 3 choices of pork, a dozen of banchan, rice, soup and vegetables. If you ask me, that’s pretty decent considering it costs only RM25. In fact, this might be the cheapest Korean BBQ buffet in town – worth a visit if you don’t really care about quantity.
The pork choices include Samgyeopsal (sliced pork belly), Boston Butt (upper pork shoulder) and spare ribs marinated in house sauce.

San Nae Deul Noonsaram BBQ Banchan

Banchan wise there’s more than enough to go around and the options rotate daily, so you probably won’t see the same line up twice. For vegetables you are not limited to lettuce only. Instead you get a lot more variety such as celery cabbage, perilla and bok choy on top of the usual green chili pepper and garlic.

San Nae Deul Noonsaram Rice and Soup

Rice, Korean rice (barley) and soup of the day.

San Nae Dul BBQ Pork Meat

San Nae Dul BBQ Marinated Pork Ribs

Since the BBQ buffet is also available for lunch, Noonsaram has taken the initiative to grill all the meat for the customers. This is to save you from smelling like a BBQ when you return to the office.
Simply pile up the meat you want on a plate, hand it to the staff, sit back and wait for the cooked meats to arrive. Our favorite meat has got to be the marinated spare ribs, so delicious you could eat them as they are without any condiments.

San Nae Deul Noonsaram Ampang Korean BBQ

We were lucky enough to eat in one of the private rooms. It’s quite cozy and the air condition is pretty strong so the setting is really suitable for a gathering over smoking hot food.

San Nae Deul Noonsaram Ampang

As mentioned before, the choices offered by Noonsaram’s mini Ssam Bab buffet are not as vast as the others, and that might be their only disadvantage. However for only RM20-RM25nett, one can’t really complain about it.

San Nae Deul (Noonsaram) Korean BBQ
No. G12 Jalan Dagang B/3A,
Taman Dagang, 68000 Ampang
Business hours: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm
Tel: 03-4270 6344

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