TAO Eat All You Can Ala Carte Buffet @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

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BBQ Chicken Wings

BBQ Seafood and meat

Some BBQ food that were grilled only to order like skewered prawns, chicken wings, squid and many more. The chicken wings look good but again it was a bit lacking in flavor.. not enough marination perhaps?
Anyway, the prawns were nice and fresh despite being sourced from fresh water. These are the items that will require your clips to be passed to the grilling staff for delivery later.

stir fry beef in ginger sauce, Gyuniku Shiogayaki

From the main dish menu, Gyuniku Shiogayaki (stir fry beef in ginger sauce) was tender and juicy albeit being a bit salty. It would be great accompaniment for plain rice, also recommended.

Tuna Golden Cup

Crispy Golden Cup Tuna.

Unagi Mushi Tofu

There are three Unagi related dishes here, one being the Unagi Mushi Tofu above (steamed Unagi on tofu in soup), Unagi Don and Unagi Fried Rice but there’s no way to order a piece of Unagi itself lol. Trust me I have checked with TAO on that.


Thin abalone slices topped with bonito flakes. Quite nice but again, a little salty due to the saltiness from the flakes.

cheese baked salmon, Salmon Hiroyaki

The generous amount of cheese did not overpower the flavor of the salmon in this dish – Salmon Hiroyaki (cheese baked salmon), another recommended dish by TAO.

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