BUILT Custom Burger @ Nu Sentral Mall

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Built Custom Beef Burger Nu Sentral

Like the name says, BUILT Custom Burgers lets you customize your burger just the way you want it. It’s the offshoot of The Counter which also offers a similar dining concept but in a more casual setting and more affordable price.

Built Custom Burger by The Counter Nu Sentral
Built Custom Burger Burger Bowl Salad

You can think of BUILT as a Subway for burgers and you choose absolutely everything that goes into your burger. Getting to see your burger being assembled right in front of you is part of the experience too. To start, you will pick the type of patty first: beef, lamb, veggie or chicken. If you want a meatier burger, double patties are charged at RM9.

Built Custom Burger by The Counter

Then, choose the cheese (American, cheddar, Swiss, jalapeno, mozzarella) and decide whether you are going to have it on a bun or in a salad bowl. After that it’s the toppings, sauces and you have the option to enhance the burger with premium toppings for a fixed price.
For combos @ RM25, shoestring fries is the default side but you can always top up a ringgit or two to exchange it for sweet potato or garlic fries.

Built Custom Burger Nu Sentral Mall

Since everyone’s burger will be different, it is pointless to judge the taste. But I am pretty happy with my beef burger with a medium patty, brioche bun, cheddar cheese, sweet sriracha and ranch sauce. It looked great! As you can see, the patty is thick and tasted fresh because it was made to order.

Built Custom Burger Lamb Burger Bowl

We also tried the burger-in-a-bowl with the lamb patty. I think this would be great for those who are trying to cut down on carbs. The lamb patty had a strong gamey flavor though, so order it only if you really love lamb.

BUILT Burger Nu Sentral

BUILT Custom Burgers

L4.10 & L4.10AL, Level 4, Nu Sentral Mall

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