Bukit Mertajam Famous Char Koay Teow


Ah.. Bukit Mertajam 大山脚’s famous duck egg char koay teow.. it’s been so long since I have eaten this. I have introduced this three brothers’ char koay teow before in my previous post so head there if you want to know more.

char koay teow

The Hakka uncle remains a chirpy fellow and always smiling while frying. He was so happy when I told him his char koay teow is great and smiled for the camera.

bukit mertajam duck egg char koay teow

The price has gone up though, normal order costs RM2.50 while a big plate costs RM3.00 now. An extra duck egg sunny side up would be 70 cents.

bukit mertajam duck egg char koay teow

And finally I get to take a clear shot of his famous char koay teow, which was the greater reason I returned. My older photos were really blurry and not interesting at all. However, if you are a health conscious person you better think twice before coming because the amount of lard used is really a lot. On a second note, any BM kia has recommendations for nice CKT in BM area? I spend most of my days in Penang island now so I don’t have much time to go explore. Appreciate it if you can share, thanks.

GPS Coordinates: N5 21.309 E100 28.183

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  1. Yumm… I will find 1 day to visit this uncle. Anyway, I find that there are some differences in term of taste from Penang island compare to BM. For Penang char koay teow i find it more spicy and saltier. May be most of Penang people are Hokkien.

  2. i love it! there are two other stalls selling it. if i’m not mistaken, they are relatives. one is next to the taxi station while the other is opposite Kay Seven tuition center.

  3. @MyF, thanks :)

    @coketai, only roadside char koay teow rox!

    @NKOTB, I haven’t try the one in Taman Inderawasih.. I just check it out one day

    @Steven Goh, Yes you are right. In the island, the char koay teow is spicier and not as dark. We use more dark soya sauce here

    @Lisa, It’s located directly opposite BM’s country club. Or you can head to BM’s taxi station and train station at night to find the other 2 brothers’ stalls. They are equally good but I like this one the most

    @ys_nocturne, Yes, they are brothers lo. The newest to open, I thought is his son hahaa. You are right about the other 2 locations :) You must be a fan too haha

  4. Hardly find charcoal fried ckt…aiks…wonder this BM 3 brothers have connection with Penang Island’s 3 sister XD hahahahha! Use a lot of lard and enough wok hei, your ckt will be good. thats wat i think lolz…

  5. this famous uncle likes to drink Guinness stout or beer when he char his koay teow! must have CKT while in BM! thanks!

  6. Its is nice but i wont eat the char keow teow again after seeing how he frying the char keow teow. There is another stall beside BM town taxi station at night which tastes as nice as this one.


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