Bukit Mertajam OldTown Kopitiam

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This is probably old news but Oldtown Kopitiam finally opened a branch in Bukit Mertajam 大山脚. The kopitiam is big and may be the 2nd largest branch in Penang. I think OldTown Kopitiam at New World Park remains as the largest.


Big leh? There’s a multi-storey car park above it. The location is a new business park with many new houses coming up in the surrounding area. I’ve been to this kopitiam a couple of times and find it a really nice and relaxing place to hangout and yamchar.


My mom has never been to Oldtown Kopitiam so one day we decided to bring her for a taste of Ipoh white coffee. It’s the best we could get since the real Old Town in Ipoh is hours away.


I never knew Oldtown’s French toast is so nice. Toasted peanut butter sandwich topped with honey and butter, damn nice. This will be my favorite toast order from now on.


Ice fire polo bun – crunchy on the outside and soft inside.


If you want to try something new rather than the usual white coffee, try their cham peng for a change. Cham peng is iced yin yong in Hokkien, which is a mix of coffee and tea.


My mom was full of praise for Oldtown’s white coffee – “Wah, nice hor! Not like the normal coffee.” I definitely agree with that! Sien, writing this post makes me crave for white coffee pulak, luckily I have some instant white coffee stocked hehe. OK time to yam kopi~
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.103 E100 28.353

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