Burger Bakar Abang Burn Selayang (Revisit)


Just a quick one. Impressed by Abang Burn’s burger bakar during my first visit to their Selayang branch, I returned again last weekend for a quick bite. This time however, resulted in a disappointing experience.
It’s disheartening to learn that the quality of a place could deteriorate so fast. Worst of all, I have been highly recommending Abang Burn to my close friends for the past few months. Sigh.


While it was crunchy alright, the Cheesy Mushroom @ RM5 was either over fried, or was fried in stale oil. There was a weird sourness to it that you’d only get from food that was fried in heavily reused oil. It simply left a bad taste in my mouth.


Since we liked the fried chicken burger so much, we decided to give the Burger Kahwin (fried chicken and beef) @ RM14.90 a try. Unfortunately, I think they used the same oil to fry the chicken thigh so it also absorbed the unpleasant taste.
If you compare the fried chicken patty you see now with the one I had last month, you will there’s a huge difference in the colour. The one we had last time was golden brown while this one was dark brown – the texture is dryer and chewier too.
I am not sure if we were just being unlucky but if you encounter the same issue, I think it’s only best you ask for an exchange.

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