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Burger Bakar Abang Burn @ Seri Selera MPS, Selayang


*** WARNING: 2nd visit was a disaster ***

If you like burger bakar, then Abang Burn should be on your list to try. Their advertising slogan is “Besar, Sedap, Berbaloi”, implying that their burgers are big, tasty and worth the money.
Despite not being the pioneer of burger bakar, they have been extremely successful in the business and already have more than a dozen of restaurants and stalls in KL and a few other states. So, looking for a branch around you shouldn’t be a problem.


For me, the nearest Abang Burn can be found at Seri Selera MPS Taman Bidara – it’s a food court of sorts at Selayang. I am not sure how’d the other branches look like, but the Abang Burn at Selayang appears like a fast food “gerai” equipped with menu signboards and all.


Ordering is pretty straightforward and all items are ala carte so there’s no combo meals available. This is not necessarily a bad thing because you can choose what you really want to have and just pay for that. Besides burgers, there are also a couple of side dishes such as meatballs and cheesy snacks of mushroom, wedges and curly fries. When you’re eating here, I think you should just forget about health for one meal and enjoy the most out of it.


Since we came here during the puasa month that ended not too long ago, I thought it’d be fitting to try their Burger Buka Puasa (Size Double) @ RM12.90. This is actually one of their premium burgers available regularly and not a limited or promotional item due to the fasting month.
We were quite impressed with the neat presentation and it looked very similar to what was depicted on the menu. It’s definitely a plus for me considering most of the big chain restaurants that always claim “photos are for illustration purpose only” on their menu.
The patties are thick, compact with meat with a juicy center and did not have that artificial taste. They are well seasoned too with a distinct peppery finish so you don’t need a whole lot of sauces to make up for the gap in flavour. The other toppings such as lettuce, onions and tomatoes were fresh and crisp too. All in all, this is quite an awesome burger.


The other burger we had was the Burger Ayam Goreng @ RM8.90, which is also one of the premium items. Again, it looked appetizing and completely met our expectations with its great presentation. Taste wise it’s simply delicious, this is easily one of the best fried chicken burger we have tasted yet. There’s a clever hint of spiciness in the crunchy fried chicken thigh that lifted up its overall flavour – a must try if you ask me.


We also tried the meatballs @ RM9.90 and counted that there were 10 of them. So it works to about RM1 for each meatball. They were not bad but did not impress us as much as the burgers did.


As for the drinks, they are highly affordable. Each can drink is priced at RM2.20 while the fruit juices start from RM3 for a medium sized glass and RM6 for the large one.



For those looking for a cheap yet fililng midnight snack, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get a normal chicken or beef burger at Abang Burn for only RM5 each from 10.30pm onwards until they close.

Burger Bakar Abang Burn Selayang (near Selayang Hospital)
No.13B, Seri Selera MPS,
Jalan Bidara 2/5, Taman Bidara
Tel: 012-902 1962
Business hours: 5pm to 12.30am

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