Burger Maut – Garlic Oil Flame Grilled Burgers @ Melaka


During our last visit to Melaka, we went back looking for Burger Maut to see if it’s still there. To our delight, Fuaad is still manning the stall but he is not stationed at Restoran Padang Semabok anymore. Instead, he has shifted his stall further up the road next to an open field.


Surprisingly, he still remembered who I was. We chatted for a bit before ordering his signature Burger Convert, which is essentially a burger ‘converted’ to a hot dog. The way he does it is by slicing up the burger patties then serve them on a hot dog bun.


And of course, you can still expect a flaming performance when he squirts his homemade garlic oil on the patties. This gives his burgers a whiff of garlic when you bite into them – a key differentiator between his and other Ramly burger stalls.


Taste wise, it was better than my previous visit. I think it’s mainly because they didn’t go overboard with the sauces and I specifically requested for less black pepper sauce too.


After 5 years, a price hike is inevitable. And if you have chatted with the owners of Ramly burger stalls, you will know that Ramly has raised the price of their burger patties in the recent years.
Ultimately, the cost has to be passed on to the consumers. But at least his burgers are still affordable, as a Burger Convert special is currently at RM3.70 each. That’s a RM1 increase over the period of 5 years.


If you are in Melaka and feel like having supper, do drop by to try Burger Maut for something different.

Melaka Burger Maut Stall

Burger Maut (opposite Semabok Inn)
Jalan Semabok, Padang Semabok, 75050 Melaka
8.30pm – 11.30pm (closed on Sunday)

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