Burger Maut (Burger of Death) @ Semabok, Melaka

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I have rented rooms and houses at many different towns in Selangor, KL and Penang since I started to work. And everywhere I stayed, I made sure I found a good Ramly Burger stall nearby that I could rely on for a quick bite and I believe everyone has their favorites too. Even though I keep a list of those I like, it never crossed my mind to blog any of them, mainly because most of them never operate on a permanent basis.

burger maut burgers

Then I found out from a friend about Burger Maut at Semabok, Melaka which I think is worthy of a mention. I know you are wondering why his burgers are called the Burgers of Death. Me too. So I asked Abang Fuad (the seller). But not only he doesn’t know why, he did not come up with the name too! Apparently the catchy name was given by his loyal customers and it just stuck ever since. Interesting eh?

burger maut abang-fuad

There are two things that make his burgers special: show of high flame that never fails to entertain and his signature burger ‘Convert‘, which is simply a burger that got converted into hot dog. How? Read on and find out.


Like at any other Ramly Burger stalls, the patties are first fried using melted butter. When they are almost cooked, Abang Fuad would chop them up into smaller pieces using his metal scrape. By the way, I ordered the Burger ‘Convert’ Double @ RM3.70 so the amount of meat looked more.

burger maut stir-fry-patties

burger maut big-flames

Then comes the show. He would squeeze generous amount of garlic oil onto the patties to infuse the garlic flavor into them. The garlic oil burns into high flame in this process.


For Burger ‘Convert’, the omelette’s shape is made into an oval in order to fit into a hot dog bun. And instead of wrapping the meat in the omelette like what others would do normally, the meats and other condiments are placed on top of the omelette. Looks kind of like an open face sandwich at this time before it was folded and packed.
While the burger tastes good with a fragrant whiff of garlic fused in, I feel his assistant was too liberal with the sauces especially the black pepper sauce. So my suggestion is to ask for less sauce because the sweetness is actually quite overwhelming. Plus, there will be less mess too while eating.

burger maut price-list

Price list.

semabok-burger maut-stall

This unique burger stall can be easily found if you use Semabok Inn Hotel as the landmark reference, as they are just directly opposite each other. As an alternative you can also refer to the GPS Coordinates posted below.

Burger Maut Semabok (opposite Semabok Inn Hotel)
Restoran Padang Semabok
GPS Coordinates: N2 11.769 E102 16.224
Business hours: 8.30pm to midnight (Closed on Sundays and Hari Raya holidays)

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