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Burger-Mbira @ Damansara Uptown


Did a drop by to Damansara Uptown recently and found that Brother John was not at his usual spot. As it turned out, he has moved on to operating a food truck at the other side of town since 7 months ago.
Taking over his spot is Burger-mbira, another popular burger stall which originated from Shah Alam. From what we were told, the coffee shop owner actually went out and around tasting numerous burgers to look for a replacement for Brother John. In the end, Burger-mbira was chosen and was persuaded to relocate here.

Burger mbira Damansara Utama

Jenma and her partner make their own beef and chicken patties and the sauces. Prior to relocating here, they were also well-known for adding blue mayonnaise to their burgers. However, this concept is deemed too rad to be accepted by PJ folks, hence it was dropped altogether.

Burger mbira Menu

Here’s their menu. If you are feeling creative, you could custom make your own burger with anything they have to offer. Since it was our first time here we decided to stick with what their prefixed burgers – obviously those are tried and tested options, right?

Burger mbira Big & Taste Burger

You won’t go wrong with the Extra Big & Taste @ RM10, which is a towering beef (or chicken) burger that’s sandwiched with all the works – cheese, hash brown, sliced beef ham (or chicken), cucumber, lettuce, fried shallots, onions and just the right amount of sauces. With so many ingredients in one burger, the flavor is kind of explosive, rich with a good kick of spiciness.
Actually I was a little apprehensive about having hash brown in my burger, but after trying it – all I could say is that the combination simply works; albeit weird at first. For those who like it extra spicy, pour some of their homemade chili sauce on your burgers. We did not know about it until we were done eating, but I did take a toothpick sample of it. It was indeed spicy and not bad at all!

Burger mbira Chicken Spicy Delux

This is the Chicken Spicy Delux burger @ RM7, complete with all its melted cheese glory. Although the fried chicken patty is made entirely out of chicken breast meat, it was tender and juicy enough to make us question if it was chicken thigh instead.

Burger mbira Burger Stall

If for some reasons you still prefer to have the usual Ramly burgers, they have them as well. Other options include lamb burger, hot dog and seafood burgers made with fish and prawn patties.

Burger mbira Burger Stall Damansara Utama

Since Burger-mbira is occupying Brother John’s old spot, it’s inevitable to compare them, especially when both of them are in the same trade. Personally, I think both of them are great and each has their own unique appeal. If you want an awesome Ramly burger, then go for Brother John. But if you want to try something that’s more original then there’s no harm giving Burger-mbira a try.

Burger-mbira (in front of Restoran Kopitiam Bintang)
56-84 Jalan SS 21/39
Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya
Business hours: Mon – Sat (7pm – 4am)
Tel: 017-365 6443

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