Big Papa Burger @ Gou Lou Mamak (高佬妈妈档), Kepong


Big Papa Burger Kepong Baru

Named after their signature burger, Big Papa is a new burger stall in Gou Lou Mamak & Western Food (高佬妈妈档) started by a bunch of young entrepreneurs not long ago.
To make a mark, they came up with a humongous eight inch burger that’s bigger than a personal pizza. Despite the hefty price tag of RM30, the Big Papa Burger big enough to be shared among four people – so I guess the price is kind of justified.

Big Papa Burger Menu

Just like Bad Beat Burger, you get to customize your very own burger according to your mood and budget. However, only chicken burger is available at Big Papa. Just follow the steps to make your personalized burger and a couple of toppings are optional such as the cheese, fried egg, bacon and ham.

Big Papa Double Chicken Cheese Burger

Chicken Burger with Pineapple

As enticing as it may be, we were not feeling hungry enough to order an 8-inch Big Papa Burger. So I had the Double Chicken Burger with cheese @ RM9.50, while SL had the normal Chicken Burger with grilled pineapples @ RM8.50.
Now if you ask me, I certainly do not think the grilled pineapple was worth the extra two bucks, but it was delicious alright and added an extra sweet juiciness to the already tasty burger.
The thick and meaty chicken patties tasted pretty good considering they are homemade and not loaded with artificial flavor and perservatives. They are also pre-mixed with cheese which make them softer than usual, yet able to hold together really well.

Big Papa Burger Stall Kepong

Being a town that’s known for good food, there are not many great burger choices in Kepong that’s able to rival those in say PJ or Mont Kiara. Even the most decent one has closed down almost two years ago. That said, if you are looking for something different from the run-of-the-mill Ramly burger stalls, Big Papa shouldn’t disappoint.

Gou Lou Mamak Stalls Kepong

Big Papa Burger
Gou Lou Mamak Stalls & Western Food
Jalan Mergastua (Kepong Baru)
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 5pm to 12am
Tel: 017-349 4467

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