Daily Burger Ramly Burger Stall @ Taman Sri Gombak

Daily Burger Stall Gombak 7 Eleven
Daily Burger Stall Gombak 7 Eleven

The rise of gourmet burger brands in the recent years is a good thing because it offers more options for city dwellers. But sometimes all you want is to chow down a burger that won’t cost around 20 bucks. You don’t need the burger to be made with 100% Australian grain fed beef, organic lettuce, homemade secret sauces and served sandwiched in a charcoal bun.

Daily Burger Gombak Customers

In Gombak, there exists a burger stall that outsells McDonald’s just across the street and it’s called Daily Burger. From what I see, they have been around for quite some time and have built up a loyal customer base who just kept on coming. As we were waiting, the queue never seemed to dwindle even a bit!

Daily Burger Stall Gombak

Daily Burger Gombak Prices

Options are aplenty and you can get a basic burger for as cheap as RM2.80. Even the most elaborate burger that comes with double patty and all the works clocks in at only RM5 – that’s cheaper than what a plate of noodle costs nowadays.
Besides the usual Ramly chicken and beef burgers, there are also a handful of not-so-common choices of patty such as rusa (deer), arnab (rabbit) and kambing (lamb); albeit slightly pricier by a ringgit or two.

Daily Burger Flipping Burger

Daily Burger Assembling Burger

With orders flooding in from all directions, it’s impressive that the worker manning the frying pan is able to memorize them while flipping the burgers and frying eggs at the same time. It’s a flurry of action and there’s no less than 10 patties being cooked at any given moment.

Rusa Special Cheese Burger

My Rusa Cheese Special @ RM5. Notice how the patty is not being wrapped in the fried egg? Instead, each egg is split into two separate frying rings then used to sandwich the patty in between. I think this is done simply to save time in order to complete the orders more efficiently.

Ayam Cheese Special Burger

SL’s Ayam Cheese Special @ RM4, which surprisingly had a slice of pineapple in it too. Both burgers are kind of sloppy as expected, but not messy to eat because the amount of sauces given are just nice.
As for the taste, all I can say is it’s a very well done Ramly burger hitting all the right spots. Everything about it was good and there’s just nothing that I’d complain about a burger that costs only a few ringgit.

Daily Burger Burger Patties

Daily Burger Ramly Burger Stall Gombak

To reach here, just look for Taman Sri Gombak’s 7-Eleven at the junction of Jalan SG 1/8 and Jalan SG 1/11. Daily Burger is operating right in front of it.

Daily Burger
Jalan SG 1/11, Taman Sri Gombak
68100 Batu Caves
Tel: 012-301 9057 / 012-330 0047
Business hours: 12pm – 3am

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