Om Burger @ Ampang – the Best Street Burger in KL?


Before burger bakar and gourmet burgers became a thing, street burgers ruled. Among the thousands of burger stalls in KL, one of them enjoyed a legendary reputation as the sloppiest, greasiest but also being the best. And that’s Om Burger.
Due to its immense popularity, it’s one of the things I wanted to try ever since relocating to KL. However, I never did so because it seemed a bit far fetched for me to travel all the way to Ampang for a burger.

Om Burger 7 Eleven Ampang

Anyway, long story short, I just dropped by last night after all these years. It’s actually not as far as I imagined, since it’s just a stone throw’s away from SPCA Selangor where I adopted my dog. Being the only burger stall along the street and located right in front of a 7 Eleven, you certainly won’t miss it.

Om Burger Flipping Burger

If you are wondering, yes that’s not the uncle whom you’d expect to see appearing in the various articles and blogs. He’s actually the son and his father had gone for prayers when we reached the stall. Nevertheless, he was a friendly and confident chap and knows what he’s doing.

Om Burger Stall

Om Burger Patties

One thing you’d notice at Om Burger is the number of precooked patties and sausages lying around, as if they are waiting for their intended customers later that day.
Maybe they are expecting a huge influx of orders later so they are precooking the patties to save time. Regardless, it’s a bizarre sight because it’s so unorthodox.

Om Burger Menu

Choices are aplenty and there’s something for everyone whether it’s a simple and normal RM3 chicken burger, or an elaborate Triple Oblong Kambing Special which will set you back RM19.

Om Burger Frying Jumbo Hot Dog

I am not sure if Om Burger appreciates being called the ‘greasiest’ burger in KL, but you can probably see how that came about.
Instead of applying just the necessary amount of margarine to pan fry the patties and sausages, a lot of it is used which produces a deep frying effect. The patties are really just simmering in a pool of melted margarine.

Om Burger Daging Double Cheese Mayo

Because of that, the burger’s patties had a crispier than usual texture and it was in fact quite dry as opposed to being tender. As far as sloppiness is concerned, it’s actually not that bad considering I have seen much sloppier ones. That said, we managed to finish it in a rather civilized manner without much trouble. Overall, it’s a decent tasting burger that won’t disappoint if you’re hungry.
But is it the best as claimed by many bloggers and food portals? With all due respect to Om Burger’s reputation and dedication in their line of work, I have to wholeheartedly disagree.
I can easily think of a few other burger stalls that are much better than Om Burger. To give you an example, that would be the Ramly burger stall just outside Nilam Puri condominium in Bandar Bukit Puchong. It was my regular haunt until I moved to Kepong.

Om Burger Stall Ampang

Having said all the above, I have a bone to pick with the people who have named this the best street burger in KL. You clearly do not know what you are talking about.

OM Burger
Lorong Kolam Air Lama 1
68000, Ampang, KL
Business hours: 7pm to 5am daily

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  1. i have no problem who disagree with other recommendation.. i personally have never tried this so i do not have any vested interest. If you do not agree with with their recomendation lets just leave it at that, after all different people have different taste.

    so the burger stall in puchong has way more patrons than om burger? are you dismissing the patrons who go for Om burger?

    • I think you’re missing the whole point. To say this the best street burger in KL is an insult to those who are doing a better job at it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so am I. If I say something is good people will say that’s because it’s a sponsored meal even though when it’s not. If I diss something then I am labeled as sour grape. If I disagree with other people’s recommendation then you will say I am dismissing the patrons. So there’s no way I can satisfy everyone. I am always the one to blame, while those who give crappy recommendations will just get away with it. The word ‘best’ is being misused nowadays.

  2. I’m an Ampang Resident and I’ve been to Om Burger twice a few years ago, even then their burgers was nothing that much to shout about. I can attest to your comment that the patties are somewhat dry and lacking in “juiciness”. There are lots of other burgers stalls setup in 7e’s all over town and definitely many of them beat Om Burger’s. Personally I do not like precooked patties being “refried” again – being unhealthy it already is. I believe vkeong’s comments are as independent and objective that it gets – unless he as a burger stall of his own setup beside Om’s! ;D

  3. way back om was better. nowadays quality has suffered. dont know why.
    i think it is the different way the uncle cooks and the sons cooks the patty.
    and before they didnt use margerine they used shortenings.

    time changed i guess..


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