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Cafe Cafe KL – Romantic Restaurant @ Jalan Maharajalela


If you read my dining experience at Banquet, then you should probably know what I got to say for Cafe Cafe. Although not as disastrous, it was still quite a disappointing experience. For those who have never heard of Cafe Cafe before, well it’s a well hidden restaurant along Jalan Maharajalela, which happens to be the favorite restaurant for Amber Chia as well because of its deco.


Honestly, I didn’t like the main courses we had that day. What I feel about Cafe Cafe’s food is probably the exact opposite of what the rest of the food bloggers have written.
You might say that I don’t know how to appreciate fine dining and the sophisticated flavors. True. For me, it’s really simple – if the food tastes good then it’s enjoyable and worth paying for, regardless of the ingredients used whether its foie gras or truffle. Taste is just a subjective thing.


And because of that, I am not going to lie to you saying how good the Chef’s special of the day – Scrambled Egg was. It was very runny and you must really love garlic a lot to appreciate the super strong garlic smell.


I knew Cafe Cafe was going to be expensive so I was not very shocked when I saw the orange juice being priced at RM18 a glass, or RM14 for an imported French Pink Lemonade.


This is one of the highly recommended dish at Cafe Cafe – Burgundy Cheeks of Wagyu with Red Wine Sauce, served with Du Puy Lentils and Seasonal Mushroom @ RM72. If you’re wondering, the cheeks mentioned here do refer to the facial cheek of the cow. Lentils are those bean looking things, which are basically tasteless but very nutritional.
While I do admit the cheeks was amazingly tender – so tender I almost couldn’t believe I can break it with the softest poke using my fork, I disliked the Red Wine Sauce a lot for its bitterness. Not the kind of sauce for me, I guess.


The Lamb Shank was served with red wine sauce as well, so.. read what I had to say about the Wagyu Cheeks again?


The dessert – Chocolate Tart was good though. It’s easy because chocolate is loved universally lol.


Despite the fact that I disliked the food (actually just the things we ordered, I don’t know about the rest like Duck Confit or Foie Gras) – it’s undeniable that Cafe Cafe is one romantic restaurant. The decorations might be a weee little bit too much for me personally but the ambiance will definitely get you into mood. It is the kind of place where a guy would want to bring his special one for a mesmerized evening over a candle-light meal.

Cafe Cafe KL
175, Jalan Maharajalela
50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Open daily 6:00pm to 12:00am. For lunch, please call to inquire.
Tel : 603-21458141
GPS Coordinates: N3 08.164 E101 42.208

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