Cafe Matchbox 1960s-Style Cha Chaan Teng @ Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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Tea culture in Hong Kong is very different from what we have in Malaysia. For us, we like to hang out at the 24 hours mamak stalls while the Hongkies enjoy it at their numerous of Cha Chaan Teng. Most of these establishments big or small serve similar kind of food, typically Hong Kong-style Western cuisine like macaroni, fried chicken wings, French toast etc. And they usually come in sets too.
Among the few that we went to in Hong Kong, Cafe Matchbox at Tung Lo Wan (Causeway Bay) is more memorable thanks to its unique menu and 1960s decor, complete with colored tiled walls, light fixtures and old-school Canto music playing in the background.


Here, pancakes are eaten all day instead of being just a breakfast and they come with various toppings including minced beef, honey, fried eggs, banana and walnut. One of the sets (tea or coffee included) here is a combo of two of their signature food – Floating Chicken Pie in Green Pea Soup and Banana Walnut Pancake for $HKD45. The chopped crunchy walnuts give a contrasting texture to the soft pancakes and the syrup and banana slices provide the sweet flavor. It tasted as good as it looked, more like a dessert actually.


I reckon that the green pea soup is not something everyone will like because it is almost tasteless, kind of watery too. But the chicken pie was delightful with a crispy crust and delicious filling. If you don’t fancy the green pea soup, you can order just the traditional chicken pie alone off the menu a la carte.


The Fried Egg and Ham pancake was not as good as the banana walnut version, the combination of ham and pancake just do not go as well as expected.


A big cup of HK milk tea that came with the set ordered earlier. Imagine the Malaysian version of teh panas but kurang manis, by 5 times.


Worth a try if you happen to be shopping around Causeway Bay. In fact, we were here simply because of the Mooncake Celebration held at a nearby park so we just figured we should do a quick drop by for the sake of experience. But if you are not into Cha Chaan Teng food there are plenty other restaurants nearby in this prime shopping area.

Cafe Matchbox
G/F, Highland Mansion, 8 Cleveland Street,

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