Alpacasso Cafe @ Mid Valley Megamall

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Alpacasso, or Arpakasso are alpaca plushies that were originally prizes of UFO catchers in Japan. If you don’t know what a UFO catcher is, it’s a type of arcade machine which you play by operating a claw crane to catch cuddly toys.

Alpacasso Cafe Food and Drink

The cuteness of Alpacasso captured the hearts of Japanese and it has become so popular that you can buy them directly online. Now you can find this adorable character at the Alpacasso Cafe in Mid Valley.

Alpacasso Cafe Mid Valley

Opened only a week ago, Alpacasso Cafe is a pop up cafe serving food and drinks shaped like the character. The menu is scheduled to rotate every 3 months – so there’s always new things to try in this charming and quaint cafe.

Alpacasso Cafe Fluffy Alpacasso Pancakes

Every dish is designed to be photographed, so expect to see a flood of posts about Alpacasso Cafe in Instagram and Facebook really soon.
Our favorite has got to be the Fluffy Alpacasso Pancakes @ RM25.80. It was soft and fluffy and the sweetness from the white sauce (with macadamia nuts) was just right. We also enjoyed the fruits which were fresh and juicy, especially the sweet melon.

Alpacasso Cafe Curry Island Japanese Curry Rice

Alpacasso Cafe Curry Island

The Alpacasso Curry Island @ RM26.80 is one of their signature dishes. It’s a Japanese chicken curry served with rice shaped like an Alpacasso’s face and salad.
Our only gripe was the measly amount of chicken meat in the curry, which we felt there could definitely have been more of it. Otherwise, it’s quite delicious and filling too.

Beef Burger Alpacasso Cafe Mid Valley

The priciest item on the menu is the White Alpacasso Beef Burger @ RM29.80. The dense and compact beef patty is prepared in Japanese style so it’s glazed with teriyaki sauce. Taste wise, it won’t necessarily blow you away but it does the job.

Cotton Candy Alpaccasoda Alpacasso Cafe

For dessert, the Cotton Candy Alpaccasoda (face and ear are made with edible rice cracker) @ RM24.80 is a must – if you love playing with food.

After pouring the half a cup of soda water through the cotton candy into the glass below, use the straw to fold the rest of the cotton candy into it. The cotton candy will melt away and sweeten up the drink which has a salted lime base. Do note that this requires about 10 to 15 minutes to prepare.

Alpacasso Cafe Hot Latte

Garden Fresh Smoothie Alpacasso Cafe

As for drinks, we had the Alpacasso Latte @ RM14.80 and Garden Fresh Smoothie (fresh spinach, apple, banana blended with orange juice, coconut water and honey) @ RM17.80.

Alpacasso Cafe AEON Entrance

To look for Alpacasso Cafe, simply proceed to AEON’s toy and baby section and you will see it as soon as you enter the store through the North Court entrance. Besides food and drinks, you can also buy Japanese character merchandises like plush toys, stationaries, throw pillows and figurines here.

Alpacasso Cafe Menu Mid Valley

Alpacasso Cafe Mugs

Alpacasso Soft Toys

Alpacasso Cafe Merchandise

Alpaca Toy

Alpacasso Cafe Table with Toys

Alpacasso Cafe Table Number

Alpacasso Cafe Alpaca Plush

Fluffy Pancakes Alpacasso Cafe

Alpacasso Cafe Beef Burger

Alpacasso Cafe Garden Fresh Smoothie

Alpacasso Cafe Entrance Mid Valley

Alpacasso Cafe

F15 ANISTA 1st Floor, AEON Mid Valley Megamall
Tel: 03-2284 4800
Business hours: 10am – 10pm

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