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Caffe Bene @ Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur


Caffe Bene needs no further introduction. So far, this Korea-based coffee house has four outlets in KL and Penang and their branch in Solaris Mont Kiara is still very popular. Even after 9 months in business you could still see people lining patiently (especially on weekends) for their bingsu, waffle, coffee and gelato. Or maybe it’s just because of the lack of seats?


Nevertheless, the relaxed and cheerful ambience makes Caffe Bene a great gathering place for both family and friends after a hard day at work. I like the fact that free water is served here (not many businesses do this anymore) – great for cleansing the palate after a sweet indulgence.


Caffe Bene’s bingsu is worth ordering just for the pretty presentation alone. The Strawberry Bingsu has fresh cut of strawberries, sweet Azuki bean paste and topped with a scoop of their very own strawberry gelato. Overall it was an enjoyable dessert with generous enough portion (single @ RM12.80) to be shared between two.


Cookies & Cream Bingsu @ RM12.80 (small) – basically the same icy treat but topped with Oreo cookie dust and cream. Good thing the cookie was still crunchy. I have had some Oreo-related desserts where the cookie would taste soft and stale because they left it out in the open for too long.


I’ve said this before, but OW:L Espresso is still a clear winner as far as bingsu is concerned because their shaved ice is finer and creamy with a soft texture similar to the Taiwanese milk snow.


Coco Nuts Waffle @ RM14 – it was served warm and fresh with chocolate chips and various premium-ish nuts such as Macadamia, walnuts and almond. But I feel you could do better with a latte or another bingsu for the price paid. Seriously RM14 for something like this just doesn’t cut it.


Lines like this are still a common sight especially on Fridays and weekends. I think Caffe Bene somehow rejuvenated the F&B scene in Solaris Mont Kiara and the place does not feel as dead as before. I remember coming to this area a few years back and most businesses were not doing very well. But now it’s bustling with people and activity – it just felt different.


Caffe Bene Solaris Mont Kiara
K-G-04, Solaris Mon’t Kiara,
No.2, Jalan Solaris, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: 9.30am – 11.00pm

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