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Cashew Nut Cookies


Just sent my brother to the Bayan Lepas airport, hope he enjoys his working trip to US. And I am in the office so early.. so I will bore you further with more CNY cookies we made last weekend :P

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Cashew nut cookies was what we baked. After laying the dough, we used a fork to press for the desired pattern. Then brush the dough’s surface with egg white using a brush (mopi). This is to make the cookies look nicer when they are done.

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We put half a cashew nut on each dough and applied some pressure so that it will stick. The cashew nuts can also be brushed with egg white. That way, they will appear golden brown and taste better too! Too bad we only realised it until the last batch of cookies.

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Fresh from the microwave!

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One of my job was to move them into a bigger tray and so they can cool down.

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A recipe can fit into 2 big containers like this. It takes skill and time to arrange them nicely leh! My mom’s cashew nut cookies and pineapple tarts taste so good that people wanted to order them! But considering the time and cost needed, it’s not feasible to receive orders. Let me break down the costs:

  • 1/2 kg cashew nut = RM12
  • butter = RM2.35
  • sugar = RM1
  • container (L) = RM1.20, (S) = RM1
  • electricity cost (microwave) = RM5?

So per container of cookies’ raw cost is around RM10 already. And I doubt the electricity cost is that little because we used the microwave for the whole morning. Hard to make profit la like this, somemore there were 4 of us working.. if we wanted to bake extra, better keep for ourselves and serve our guests during Chinese New Year :P

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