Cava Restaurant & Bar @ The Bangkung Row, Bangsar


Last year I took SL to Opus – an Italian restaurant at The Bangkung Row to celebrate her birthday. This year, as much as I tempted to bring her to the same restaurant again (because the food is just really good) we decided to try out Cava instead. It is a Spanish and Mediterranean restaurant just a few doors away from Opus. If you did not know, both Cava and Opus belong to the same management company and they have a few more restaurants under their belt too namely Leonardo and Moxie.


Some complimentary bread and fried potatoes served with salad dressing while waiting.


Spanish Seafood Soup @ RM25 – the broth is very similar with Opus’ Famous Shellfish Surprise but we preferred the latter’s version a lot more. Somehow the clams did not taste very fresh that day and it spoiled the overall taste. Even the Garlic Clams @ RM16 had the same problem. Not a very good start if you ask me, at that point I was already wondering if we should have just stuck to Opus.


Steak is one of the three main signature dishes at Cave with Tapas and Paella being the other two. Based on our previous dining experience at Opus where the steak was excellent, we thought it could be the same here as well. So, there was no hesitation and SL ordered the Rib Eye @ RM70. Too bad it was overdone (she ordered medium rare and it came slightly medium well) much to our disappointment.


The Baked Lobster Tail and Cod @ RM65 was the only thing we thought was good which prevented that evening’s meal to be a total loss. Both seafoods were cooked nicely and we especially loved the succulent lobster tail.


The wall reminds me of Magenta. Ughh, bad memories.


Honestly this was not the best (nor worst) meal for us but I definitely had high expectations from a fine restaurant. For the same price, Opus is the obviously the better choice where food quality and portions are concerned.

Restaurant Cava Spanish & Mediterranean Cuisine

71 Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya
59100 Bangsar, KL
Tel: 03 2093 6637

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  1. I can’t imagine spending RM50 for a dish that isn’t well prepared. Heck- I can’t even imagine spending RM50 for a single dish. Maybe I’m too poor.

  2. Same problem I had…… every where. Posh design, but bad food presentation. It can ruin my day with Mr. C. Seems like a road side laksa can make my day better n ended with teh o ice.


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