Cedar on 15 @ Impiana Hotel KLCC

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Fine dining with a view won’t necessarily bleed your wallet dry. Well, at least that’s the case for CEDAR on 15. Like the name says, this recently renovated rooftop restaurant and bar located at the 15th floor of Impiana KLCC Hotel offers a panoramic view of the city.



Dining here lets you savour both your food and the view of KL’s skyline that still never cease to amaze. If you’re looking to impress your date, this is definitely one place to consider.


All guests are served some complimentary buns to nibble on while waiting for their orders to arrive. The dipping oil we had that evening were walnut oil and balsamic pomegranate vinaigrette.


The menu has also been revamped to feature a few new interesting dishes and more importantly, all of them are now served with Vom Fass’ renowned herbs infused olive oil, vinegar and even liquor. For example, the Caesar Salad is recommended to pair with the Lemon Olive Oil.
A few tiny drops of it are enough to impart a subtle zestiness to the already-refreshing salad. Of course, you are not obligated to drip any of the pairing oil onto your dishes but there’s also harm in trying.


Don’t be mistaken, this is not your typical mushroom soup but Cream of Topinambour @ RM38 – a Jurusalem artichoke soup. Rich and creamy, it has a very pleasant and soothing taste that goes well with the light and chewy Bocconcini, which is simply a small and round mozarella cheese.
This soup is paired with white truffle oil, which when introduced, transforms the soup altogether by adding a complex, earthy and mushroom-like flavour. Since the strong taste of truffle might not appeal to everyone, I suggest you go easy with it first. But for those who are already fan of truffle, you’d know better than me.


One of the most popular dishes here is the Pumpkin Seed Crusted Black Cod @ RM78 – served with mushroom tomato chutney, fennel mousse and sugar snap peas.
The minimally seasoned fish was perfectly cooked, resulting in a flaky and buttery-melt-in-your-mouth texture with a mild, delicate taste. This dish is delicious on its own but for a touch of toasted nutty flavour, simply add some Organic Hazelnut Oil.


At RM68, the 220g New South Wales Ribeye is quite value for money considering the restaurant’s setting. The steaks here already comes with a side dish of your choice (choose from 8) and one free sauce (choose from 6) Three additional side dishes are available at RM14 each, while additional sauces are chargeable at RM6 per portion.
I requested my steak to be medium rare but it was slightly overcooked so the centre was fully pink, hence tasted a bit chewy. Other than that minor issue, it was enjoyable and I really liked the morel mushroom sauce.


If you are looking for a dessert to share, the Triple Layer Cheese Cake (served with Amaretto Liquor) @ RM38 should fit the bill. The cake is dense and very filling so I feel it’s best shared between two (or more) people. Taste wise it won’t blow you away but you definitely won’t be disappointed either.



The restaurant is extremely spacious and tables are not too close to each other. So patrons could dine comfortably while enjoying their privacy and intimacy throughout their meal.
To add excitement to the experience, there’s also a show kitchen where you could see the chef flame grilling the steaks right before you. Set meals are also available here at an affordable RM55 for a two-course and RM58 for a three-course meal.
Lastly, thanks to the kind PR team from Impiana KLCC Hotel for hosting this wonderful dinner.

CEDAR on 15 @ Impiana KLCC Hotel
Operational hours:
Breakfast: Mon-Fri (6.30am – 10.30am) Weekends (6.30am – 11am)
Lunch (weekdays): 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Supper: 11pm – 2am
Tel: 03-2147 1111 (ext 3711/3320)

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