CEO Burger @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong (CLOSED)


The time is long overdue for the Kepong folks to have their own burger specialty joint. With the opening of C.E.O Burger at Plaza Menjalara, we finally have one. The name’s a bit cliché but that does not matter because the burgers are really quite awesome. Thanks to C.E.O Burger the F&B scene at Bandar Menjalara is a lot livelier now – at least it’s something else other than steamboat!



Choices are aplenty and distinct but the patties are limited to either beef or pork. The price starts from RM14.90 for a set including fries and a dollop of their “Magic Sauce” while drinks are purchased separately. The most expensive burger goes to the the Double Satisfaction @ RM23.90 for having double patties, bacon and cheese. The cheese could be customized and you have a selection of Swiss cheese, orange cheddar and mild cheddar which is the default. Pictured above is the beef Absolute A @ RM14.90 and pork Home Alone @ RM18.50.

CEO Burger Beef-Burger

I am not very fussy when it comes to burger. I am good as long as the patty does not taste dry and the burger’s flavor is not heavily dependant on mayonnaise. C.E.O’s burger’s patties are almost an inch thick, delicious and just juicy enough. Because if they were any juicier the bun would have been soggy and sloppy. As for the bun, even though it’s soft and fluffy it is surprisingly strong enough to hold the burger together nicely. It contains some nuts too.
And just by looking at the color you’d already know that it is baked with bamboo charcoal. Personally, I was kind of hoping they’d opt for something else because now everyone will be saying they copied myBurgerLab’s concept. It’s a sad perception considering the fact that charcoal buns existed long time before MBL made it popular in KL.

CEO Burger Counter

They are still new so all the attention and pressure on the kitchen staff.


Also, here’s the burger list for your information. I think the Spicy Tom is particularly interesting for having sambal.

  1. Home Alone – Single Pattty / cheese / gherkin (pickled cucumber) @ RM14.90
  2. Double Satisfaction – Double the patties / double the cheese / double the bacon / caramelized onion / gherkin @ RM23.90
  3. Santa Fe – Guacamole / cilantro tomato salsa / cheese / sour cream @ RM18.90
  4. Absolute A – Mushroom ragout / streaky bacon / cheese / caramelized onion @ RM18.90
  5. Wacky – Smoked Hickory BBQ sauce / streaky bacon / avocado / over easy egg / cheese @ RM18.50
  6. Hungry Man – Patty / chicken breast / streaky bacon / cheese / smoked Hickory BBQ sauce @ 19.50
  7. Spicy Tom – Sundried tomato sambal / parmesan crisp / gherkin / caramelized onion @ RM17.90
  8. B.A.D (Breaskfast All Day) – Chicken spiral sausage / streaky bacon / cheese / over easy egg / hash browns @ RM18.50
  9. Tornado – Chicken spiral sausage / Sauerkraut / sweet German mustard / streaky bacon @ RM15.90
  10. Minus One (vegetarian) – Mushroom ragout / hash brown / parmesan crisp / basil pesto mayonnaise @ RM13.90

CEO Burger Kepong

CEO Burger Menjalara

The shop is sandwiched between Gyeong Bok Gung and Maple Fish Pot. Parking could be a headache during dinner hours especially in the weekends.

C.E.O Burger
G-11, Ground Floor Plaza Menjalara,
1, Jalan Menjalara Idaman,
Bandar Sri Menjalara,
55200 Kepong, KL
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.666 E101 37.810
Business hours: 12pm – 10pm

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  1. WoW, must try..

    Last week tried Burger Kaw Kaw aka Burger Bakar at Kota Damansara, abit disappointed on the beef patty as there are no beef taste (just huge meat). Luckly the lamb patty safe the day..

    Shall try on next time on this CEO Burger… Let’s have Burger CEO vs Burger Kaw Kaw in the future.

  2. Unker Keong sounds a bit apprehensive regarding mbl. I suggest unker go try them out first then unker will realise what unker has been misisng out on all this while…

  3. Try this on their burger 2 time. I have try their pork patties and also beef, still think that some of their food are so so only, need improvement.

    For their french fried, i would prefer pay bit extra for better quality french fried. Example made from potato cut marinade and fried, not just process food straight from the bag.

    On their patties is not dry but for me i still don’t think is marinade enough. Still lack of some “ohmmmm”, and taste.
    The shop owner told me they change their recipe the 2nd time but still i think is not enough.

    They home made sauce is good , that i confirm.

    Well one more bad side on their burger the patties is not dry, but when i try the 2nd time all 3 burger i eat the meat grave all come out from the patties. And this make the burger bun become wet and hard to eat.


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