Cerdito Restaurant – Iberico Pork Specialist @ Puchong

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Cerdito is a casual, yet elegant full-service restaurant in Puchong that specializes in Iberico pork. Besides the classics, Cerdito’s menu is also dotted with a couple of Asian fusion dishes which are all moderately priced.

Cerdito Wild Mushroom Cappucino

Mushroom soup takes an interesting twist here and it’s served in a coffee cup. The photogenic Wild Mushroom Cappucino @ RM18 has a layer of a truffle tea foam on top which adds a subtle earthy note to every sip.

Cerdito Iberico Sticks

The Iberico Sticks @ RM30 are absolutely delicious. Although the price feels a bit steep, they are just too good to not order them. Each skewer has an excellent fat to meat ratio that guarantees a juicy bite. The tangy pineapple salsa with bits of cracklins is a clever topping, as it balances out the savory taste of the pork marinade.

Cerdito Iberico Grilled Short Rack

For the ultimate meat indulgence, you can’t and won’t go wrong by picking the Iberico Grilled Short Rack @ RM70, served with grilled pumpkin and creamy baba ganoush.

Iberico Grilled Short Rack Cerdito Puchong

Perfectly seasoned and beautifully grilled bone in to a pink medium, the thick pork chop cuts through like it’s butter. No wonder Iberico is also called the ‘wagyu of pork’, it’s just so unbelievably tender when cooked right to the point.

Iberico Loin Ribs Cerdito Puchong

Fans of ribs need not worry about the unmanageable portion size here, as their Iberico Loin Ribs is available for one or for sharing at RM40 and RM110 respectively. Shown above is the ribs for one and it comes in a respectful portion, enough to fill a man sized appetite.
While the ribs are undeniably sumptuous, I was actually more impressed by the sides especially that ridiculously delicious patatas bravas.

Belgium Dark Chocolate Semi-Fredo Cerdito Puchong

Dessert-wise the selection is fairly limited but at least there’s something to appeal to every palate. We decided to end the meal with a sweet note and went for the Belgium Dark Chocolate Semi-Fredo @ RM20. The presentation is a piece of art and the rich chocolate mousse tasted every bit as good as it looks.

Cerdito Fiery Float

Another thing I like about Cerdito is that water is served free as soon as you are seated. So there’s no pressure in ordering overpriced mineral water. For those looking for a refreshing drink with a kick, try the Fiery Float @ RM15 which is a mix of tropical flavors spiced up with tabasco sauce.

Cerdito Iberico Pork Restaurant Puchong

Cerdito Restaurant Puchong

I think it’s blatantly obvious that we immensely enjoyed our lunch. You can tell the owner/chef is passionate about food when the quality shines through on each plate.
After spending much of my younger days in Puchong, I really think it’s about time a slightly upscale restaurant, and not some fancy cafe opened up here. That being said, Cerdito is still affordable enough for regular visits considering their set lunch starts from RM19.90.

Cerdito Puchong

Cerdito Restaurant

G-11, Kompleks Kenari
Jalan Kenari 19A, 47100 Puchong
Tel: 016-380 8639
Business hours: Tue – Thur (12pm – 10pm), Fri (12pm – 11pm), Sat & Sun (11am – 11pm)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/cerditorestaurant

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