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Chan Meng Kee Wantan Mee @ SS2, Petaling Jaya


Chan Meng Kee Noodle House is probably the busiest eatery in SS2. The shop lot they are occupying now used to be operated by Ho Weng Kee, another famous (more often regarded as more superior as well) Wantan Mee seller that had relocated their business to Lot 10 Hutong.
Since making an appearance on Astro, many of my friends and colleagues have patronized Chan Meng Kee – all wanting to have a taste of their ‘legendary’ char siew that was so highly promoted in the show.


I will be honest here, the noodle (RM5.50 small, kind of expensive for the portion) itself is springy and good with a nice lard fragrance while the char siew is delicious. So taste wise it is definitely a notch better than what you will find at the normal food courts.
But the amount of time we spent waiting for this plate of noodle to arrive is simply not worth it. We had 40 minutes to observe the kitchen’s operations and found that all the noodles are cooked plate by plate, which is a good thing if consistency is considered – bad if you can’t handle the waiting time.


Roast pork noodle @ RM5.50 – disappointing if compared to the char siew. The skin is not crispy at all and the meat is hardly flavorful.


Roasted Chicken @ RM10 – recommended by my friend who ate here before. I have to agree with him that this is good and worth trying since the skin is really crispy, something quite extraordinary as far as roast chicken is concerned. But just to set the expectations straight, Segambut’s ‘Tai Shue Tao’ Fried Chicken is still better, OK?


The scene outside the restaurant looks like this before and after we finish our meal. The previous time I was here, I actually detoured to another makan place because of the crowd.


Overall, Chan Meng Kee serves good Wantan Mee but is unable to cope with their sudden new found fame and the large volume of customers that comes with it. I would not mind returning if the waiting time is not that absurdly long.

Chan Meng Kee Noodle House
32, Jalan SS 2/66,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 012-6881972

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