Cheap Tasty Crabs @ Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood, Kepong


How much does a kg of crab cost in your local seafood restaurants? RM35? RM40? Well, there’s a famous seafood restaurant at Desa Aman Puri, Kepong which draws crowd due to their cheap and tasty crabs. Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant serves their crabs at RM18 per kg, the cheapest I’ve seen and eaten so far. Crabs baked with butter and cheese is something new for me. And I absolutely loved it!

cheese baked crab

This yummy cheese and butter baked crabs dish is Tak Fok’s specialty, with almost every table having one of it. There are 3 medium sized crabs in each kg, translating to about RM6 per crab. One thing I have always worried about eating crabs is their sizes.
Some restaurants serve small crabs that have little meat. This makes the hassle and hard work involved in picking the meat from the shell seem unworthy. But luckily the crabs served in Tak Fok are quite meaty, especially the limbs!

cheese baked crabs

At first I thought it’d seem weird to eat crab with cheese and butter, but the combination turned out fantastic! The cheese flavor is not too strong, just nice to compliment the sweetness of the crab meat. You need to eat this fast while it’s still warm. So that you can savor it at its best.
Breaking and peeling off the shells carefully off the huge claw, dip the meat generously into the melted cheese and butter. And then eat it in one mouth full. Fuyoooh!! Can you imagine that? Can you? I am already salivating while mesmerizing it now, LOL!


This are the buns that can be used to dip in the cheese and butter gravy. They don’t come together with the crabs though, you need to order them separately if you wish. They are fresh and can be a good replacement for rice.

salted egg crab

1 kg of Salted Egg Crabs. It’s tasty too but I didn’t eat a lot because my attention was all on the cheese baked crabs lol.

stir fry ginger chicken

We also ordered a plate of Stir Fried Ginger Chicken @ RM20 and a plate of vegetable @ RM15. In order to enjoy the crabs at a cheap price of RM18 per kg, an order of vege is required. Else, you will be charged the normal rate of RM26 per kg. Well, I guess if you’re paying cheap for the crabs, you need to pay more for others to cover their cost.

tak fok restaurant

The bill came to a total of RM88++. Not bad for the quantity of crab we had. I do hope they do away with the rather stupid vegetable rule though. Do come early because the restaurant starts to crowdy even before dinner time. At the peak of the crowd, you will find yourself in a long queue and hardly any place to sit! Tak Fok is just opposite the food court where Ho-HoBi Fish Head Curry is located.

To reach here, exit the Damansara-Kepong toll towards Kepong. Keep left and you will come to an intersection. Head straight up a hill and take a left turn at the end of the road. You will see a road sign showing that you’re heading to Rawang.

After taking the left turn, head straight until you come to a traffic light. Here, you will see Shell and McDonald’s on your left. Go straight some more and you will see a lot of shops on your right. Tak Fok is just beside the first big hawker center you see. Refer to the wikimapia if you are still unsure, I have centered its location:

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  1. Love your pics, as usual. Will pop by your site whenever I’m hungry though it would just make it worse.

    The crabs are real cheap. I tasted by first salty crab in San Francisco and it cost us USD$40 per kg! But it tasted heavenly while it last… for the whole of five minutes. lol

    C K’s last blog post..Melati Restaurant review

    vk: Thanks CK!! Well I think if you’re earning USD, spending it in USD is not too expensive :P

  2. C K: I like the one at San Frans too… the one at the fisherman whalf. Love it.

    THis one look nice and yummy too….. hey hey…

    but hor.. Huat Koay is very clumsy on peeling off the crab skin one…. so everytime also his wife do it on behalf……. hahahahha

    So Hang Fok……. :P

    dun tell him ok?.. later he come and chop my head off….. hahahaha

    I am Tham Ciak…

    PenangTuaPui’s last blog post..Penang Food: One Corner Café Indian Laksa

    vk: Haha! You guys are funny.. every time need to specify who you are at the end of the comment lol. I wish my “wife” would peel for me -_-

  3. my favorites place to eat crab…

    i visit there quit frequece whenever my friend visit me from outstation…

    vk: haha!! I want to bring my brother and sister here too!

  4. Was looking at the photos on the crab with cheese sauce, can I have the recipe to try it in Singapore. It really looks so good.

  5. No offense but… crab is not really fresh and the texture is abit rubbery, I don think crabs are suppose to be like that, right? The sauces are nice though, the Salted Egg especially, its good. The cheese doesnt take like cheese, taste like… butter cream instead… and for the butter cream soft shell crabs, doesnt taste “too butter cream”, if you know what I mean.
    Anyway do give it a try, it might work for you. Maybe I am just too picky, probably won’t go back tho. Cheers.

    vk: Hey there, glad that you liked the salted egg one at least. For the cheese yeah I do agree that it didn’t pack a lot of cheese flavor but it was still OK for me. One of the biggest reason I will return to eat here is because of the relatively cheap price for crabs.. in other seafood restaurants crabs are being served at RM40 a kg :(

  6. Well the best food there is that bun thing…Which you could get probably anywhere…First the crab….doesn’t have any real taste in it …the cheese doesnt taste like cheese….And everything isnt so rich in taste either .
    It LOOKS good..thats what I thought when I first look at the pictures….But looks can be deceiving…For me..I wouldnt come to this place…ever…ever again….
    Well this is what i get from my experience… And this place isnt worth the wait neither

    vk: Thanks for the feedback :) I am planning another meal here soon.. lets see if the crabs really dropped quality

  7. You could try kuala selangor…its FAR but theres a restaurant there that has a lot of good seafood

    vk: Yep that’s true. My friend went before and he told me about all the good things there.. traveling is the only problem for me though, lol.

  8. Why not you go WITH your friends ..or plan a trip with them or something…

    vk: I always go WITH my friends :) I alone can’t stomach so much crabs anyway lol

  9. I have went there before, the food were really nice especially the cheese crab and salted egg york crab. if i go back to jinjang, sure i will go there again.

    vk: Yeah the cheese baked crab is nice!

  10. Just now I went for this shop at puchong branch(Bandar Puteri) and I feel very disappointed with their service and food as well. For my case, I am not sure why they will delay my order so long until I realize other people which come late than me but their food is already serve.May be I just 2 person went and they think I am not important for them..and I ordered the butter cheese crab and the taste I don’t think it’s so called “cheese”. No cheese taste at all and feel like eating butter. when the bill come I saw there is a field call “service tax” for 5% and I don’t think the 5% is worth to pay for their services.

    vk: Hi Eddie, sorry to hear about your bad experiences but if you researched before going I am pretty sure you would have dined somewhere else. Because most of the feedback about Tak Fok’s Bandar Puteri branch is generally BAD.

  11. Nice place to have crab. The price is RM18++ for a normal serving of crab. For the signature dish of Salted Egg York (“Ham Tan Wong”) Crab, it costs RM21++. They have a branch in Puchong now, but i would still recommend the one in Kepong.

    Oh ya, the amount of crab (plates) that u order is dependent on the number of dishes ordered. If you don’t order dishes, you can’t order crab.


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