Cheok Sah Hokkien Mee @ Bukit Mertajam

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It’s really kinda hard to find good Hokkien Mee (prawn noodles @ KL) in BM nowadays. The once famous Hokkien Mee at Cheok Sah Square opposite Cheok Sah cinema is fast becoming bad too. Back in the 80s when I was still a small kid, the noodles was quite tasty and the stall had a good customer base. In the 90s the quality started to drop a lot and now it is no better than any average Hokkien Mee you can find in normal hawker centres.

cheok sah hokkien mee

Since then, eating here is a thought that would have never crossed my mind. So, the only reason I went back for the noodles was solely for nostalgia’s sake. Sitting in the coffee shop while looking at the old abandoned cinema and people carrying out their daily lifes on the market streets sure brought back some fond memories.
My first ever experience of going to the movies was here too – I went to see Terminator at Cheok Sah. At that time, where got GSC, TGV or Cathay? LOL. And our snack would be cotton candy and those round keropok resembling steering wheels in a cone shaped packaging.

hokkien mee

Like any other soup based noodles, the problem with Cheok Sah’s Hokkien Mee lies in the soup. It might be due to the rising cost of ingredients and the owner trying to keep the price as low as possible. So, the soup was very diluted and you can’t really taste much prawns in it. Kinda pity eh since it seemed like quite tasty from the looks.

yoong kee

Next to the stall is Yoong Kee Restaurant, which is famous for their Teo Chew dishes. Actually, one of the reasons I am posting this even though the noodles does not taste that good is because I want to fish comments from my fellow BM kias, lol. Any BM kias reading this reading mind telling me where to look for good Hokkien Mee in BM? Sri Rambai? Taman Bukit? Berapit? Kampung Baru? Name it and I will try it on my next trip home during the Raya holidays. Kam siah!
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.724 E100 27.641

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