Cheok Sah Hokkien Mee @ Bukit Mertajam


It’s really kinda hard to find good Hokkien Mee (prawn noodles @ KL) in BM nowadays. The once famous Hokkien Mee at Cheok Sah Square opposite Cheok Sah cinema is fast becoming bad too. Back in the 80s when I was still a small kid, the noodles was quite tasty and the stall had a good customer base. In the 90s the quality started to drop a lot and now it is no better than any average Hokkien Mee you can find in normal hawker centres.

cheok sah hokkien mee

Since then, eating here is a thought that would have never crossed my mind. So, the only reason I went back for the noodles was solely for nostalgia’s sake. Sitting in the coffee shop while looking at the old abandoned cinema and people carrying out their daily lifes on the market streets sure brought back some fond memories.
My first ever experience of going to the movies was here too – I went to see Terminator at Cheok Sah. At that time, where got GSC, TGV or Cathay? LOL. And our snack would be cotton candy and those round keropok resembling steering wheels in a cone shaped packaging.

hokkien mee

Like any other soup based noodles, the problem with Cheok Sah’s Hokkien Mee lies in the soup. It might be due to the rising cost of ingredients and the owner trying to keep the price as low as possible. So, the soup was very diluted and you can’t really taste much prawns in it. Kinda pity eh since it seemed like quite tasty from the looks.

yoong kee

Next to the stall is Yoong Kee Restaurant, which is famous for their Teo Chew dishes. Actually, one of the reasons I am posting this even though the noodles does not taste that good is because I want to fish comments from my fellow BM kias, lol. Any BM kias reading this reading mind telling me where to look for good Hokkien Mee in BM? Sri Rambai? Taman Bukit? Berapit? Kampung Baru? Name it and I will try it on my next trip home during the Raya holidays. Kam siah!
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.724 E100 27.641

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  1. it’s too bad about the cost cutting measures.. i’d prefer hawker stalls charge us more than cut back on quality. what would be the point of eating out then.. ?!

    vk: Yeah, for me if the food is really good, I don’t mind paying extra to get the same quality. Price increase is inevitable as we all know.. as long as the increase is reasonable lah

  2. Prawn Noodles…my favourite!! If possible, maybe you can try out the ever famous stall situated opposite the Chai Leng Park (CLP) morning market. The coffee shop (a.k.a. kopitiam) is named Pearl In The Sea – 海中宝 if the name doesn’t change and sits at the corner of the one way street to CLP post office. Besides hokkien mee, the Fried KoayTeow and KoayTeow Soup are tasty as well…Please have a try if possible. ^^

    Kevinkks’s last blog post..Kev’s Wonder Recipe – Versatile Cupcake Base

    vk: Thank you very much!! I will try to try it when I get back.

  3. You are right keong, the quality of food has dropped. I find that there are a lot of eatery shops popping up in Penang. Most of the food is not up to the old good Pg food. Too recession.

  4. hokkien mee is our favourite… a lot of great hokkien mee quality drop after become famous… and service is bad too…

    some of them are facing lack of good successor where the skillset is not passdown properly…

    sien… wan to have great food need to fast.. else once gone.. no longer there for u

    PenangTuaPui’s last blog post..Penang Restaurant: Nyonya Breeze

  5. didnt know BM has got so much of yummy food everywhere, i am also from BM and have migrated to Xmas Island for almost 30years with my husband. every year we go back to my hometown to celebrate CNY…….each time we go back we go searching for good yummy …must try some of the food locations u mentioned.

  6. heyy there.. i am from BM and the best hokkien mee in my opinion is in the taman sentosa’s medan selera.. the night one.. the stall is at the back near the big lok lok stall.. it adds the bah kut and it’s NICE!! =) =)

    try it and let me know how it goes.. ;p ;p

    trishey’s last blog post..My Love for You..

    vk: Thanks!! That place is super near to me :D I think I will try it later this weekend.

  7. Hi VK,

    I am from Kulim. If you dont mind the drive to Kulim town, there is one hokkien prawn mee which I like. The aunty who sells this came from Penang. You can find her stall in the Taman Ria Cafe at the Kulim town. She sells in the morning as well as for lunch too. Taman Ria cafe is situated next to the old cinema (now changed to snoker club). When you are there, you may want to try the 明光curry mee which is at the same shoplots as Taman Ria Cafe. The curry mee can be eaten with chicken or with char siew. Curry mee is only available for breakfast and sometimes lunch.

    Drop me an email if you need a map to go there.


    vk: Thanks for the recommendation. My family used to stay in Kulim before we moved to BM permanently. I am not too familiar with Kulim area but my dad is. Once in a while we would travel to Kulim for a meal. If we do visit Kulim again I will see if I can try the foods you have recommended :)

  8. I just came back for holiday, I did went out with my mum and husband for cheok sah hokkie me. It wasn’t as good as before quite taste lee. Even my husband is foreigner, he also could tell that. Very dissapointed. When i was kid this places are full of students and the food there very tasty as well and cheap. because of the economic all the the things have been cut down.

  9. Hi VK, I prefer the manton mee near cheok Sah better than then the Hokkien Mee, (you are right that the quality dropped for the hokkien mee) .

    For Hokkien Mee, I used to like the one near Tua Pek Kong Temple. That one recommend by by you & 阿贤 also. But it is also not that good like last time.

    One more store is inside pai chai yuan. 白菜園, but that one is abit difficult to find. People call the owner 烏弟 (wu di) it is actually nothing to shout about, but i have been going to that store since childhood, so maybe you can try. Just turn in before Temple of God Of Mercy on the road to Berapit and………………………. ask around. (sorry about lack of info, kampung road what, how to to tell you more :-).

    Kathy, if you don’t mind, can you email me the map too(sorry vkeong to hijack you comment.) Email To THANKS.

    cyc’s last blog post..Weird- leaf like insect

  10. I will recommend you to try out the hokkien mee at Permatang Tinggi in front of Taman Perwira Indah. The Kg Permatang Tinggi , which shop … a bit hard to describe as it is a corner house in the kampung. If you from alma ( Jalan Rozhan ) , turn left to Jalan permatang tinggi , then turn left again into the village and look for yourself. The kopitiam sell only hokkien mee and chicken rice … (oso chai kueh ).

    AFF’s last blog post..Malaysia Speed Trap Spot

    vk: Thank you AFF, the description is very vague.. do you think you give more details? A wikimapia perhaps?

    • Hi i knw that place!..Jus turn into the fire station in permatang tinggi and go straight…then turn to the right….then right again….then straight…if i m nt mistaken…the hokkien mee there n chicken rice are tasty!:)

  11. i did know there’s a hokkien mee which is quite not bad from the market in bm town..only available in the morning..there is chicken leg in the hokkien mee..taste not bad for me..can go and hv a try.

  12. Hey, I would reckon u the Hokkien Mee at Taman Sri Rambai, operating everyday night from 11pm – 2am. Then morning in the Pasar in Taman Sri Rambai. The stall is in front of a corner shop (just newly renovated, named 2007 i think)

    The uncle will push his stall out from his house to the place every night at 11pm. So it takes some time for him to set up. Go there at 1130 is the ideal time.

    I seldom order hokkien mee alone as I prefer Hokkien Lor. U can try it too. Hehehe I was from Jit Sin and that stall used to be my supper for lotsa nights :)

    kae vin’s last blog post..Life in Bayan Lepas

    vk: I know got 1 Hokkien Mee in Tmn Sri Rambai selling at night quite nice one. Is it the one in front of the newly renovated corner coffee shop? I just remembered this stall.. but open at 11pm eh?? So late!

  13. By the way, from my experience, the night one is better. Morning in pasar although sold by the same person but somehow it tastes not so good. lol. Maybe the soup keeps boiling for the whole day so the night one taste better. hahaha

    kae vin’s last blog post..Life in Bayan Lepas

  14. Opps.. I know this place but sorry to said that I never try on their hokkien mee before. :P Everytime when I back to BM, I always cracking my head where can get nice hokkien mee to satisfy my stomache, when I was small, i used to aet hokkien mee which sells at Taman Sri Rambai – pasar pagi. It was good that time but no longer sells.

    If talk about curry mee in Penang or BM, maybe I can list down few.. But hokkien mee.. *think hard* Any recommendation??

  15. the 1 kae vin say is quite not bad
    and start at very late
    but good for those night stalker =)
    and he got 1 daughter helping there very sui

  16. One suggestion. Try the Hokkien mee beside the cinema instead of the opposite. (you cannot see the stall from the outside, go near the cinema & you can see many stalls beside the cinema.) The laksa, jawa mee & hokkien mee are tasty.

    Normally operate in the afternoon.

    justbloglah’s last blog post..Add video to your blog

  17. bumped into this old post but i’ll just put some info in case you would still like to try some other stalls…
    For myself i’ll eat at 2 stalls in BM…
    the one you talked about in this posting is famous years ago, not anymore tho.. just walk across the street behind the flower shop you will find another hokkien mee stall. old style with kangkung and good prawn flavour in the soup.some people call this place cheok sah food court, other stalls u can find here are curry mee,laksa,wantan mee,ais kacang. this place starts selling at lunch and ussually finish around 5pm, sometimes earlier.
    another one that is famous in BM is at Honey Kopitiam, across the street from Hong Leong Bank or opposite the old Cathay Cinema if know where is it. now this stall is a little different in the sense that the soup base doesn’t have the thick prawn taste. the secret to this stall is the chili paste, make sure you put in at least a spoonful of the chili and you will surely enjoy the hokkien mee. This stall opens early morning and usually by 11am they are out of soup.
    hope this helps!

  18. 舊石三戲院前容記旁之福建麵確已不再吸引人. Justbloglah & Slips 所介紹在舊石三戲院旁的福建麵,正是我最喜歡的大山腳福建麵.檔口是由夫妻經營至少二十年以上了.
    Jalan Aston 舊國泰戲院前甜心小販中心的阿嬌福建麵也不錯,她以前是在南樂園經營的.她的先生在Kampung Baru點心城前溫香餐室賣福建麵,味道也不錯.

  19. Good hokkien mee are hard to come by. i am looking for a good hokkien mee myself. But still after all these years. But i remember last time behind cheok sa got one hidden coffee shop de. There got sell good hokkien mee last time…But now dunno still there or not. After all havent been there for a long long long time dy


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