Chicken Rice @ Chicken Valley

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Chicken Valley Restaurant is a fast food outlet located in Taman Mutiara, Bukit Mertajam 大山脚. I am sure most BM kia will know this place because it has been there for almost 10 years. Chicken Valley’s business when it just started was quite good actually but has declined a lot over time. As a result, the second floor has been closed indefinitely. I think the reason being the opening of Pizza Hut, KFC and McDonald in areas nearby. We didn’t have such fast food chains last time, to enjoy McD we had to go to Penang island :(

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Anyway, I had their chicken rice set meal @ RM4.95 for dinner just now. This set meal consists of a plate of chicken rice (quarter BBQ honey chicken), soft drink and soup. The price is reasonable and the food good too. Chicken Valley also makes good chicken burgers that can fight with McD ones leh ;)

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