Chicken Up – Singapore’s #1 Korean Fried Chicken @ Subang Jaya

Chicken Up Korean Fried Chicken Subang Jaya
Chicken Up Korean Fried Chicken Subang Jaya

Chicken Up Subang Jaya

Chicken Up is the latest addition to the lineup of Korean joints in KL and I am just glad that cheese is not used as a tool to attract customers.
Seriously, it’s time to put a stop to this cheese madness. Not everything magically tastes better with cheese, OK? Anyway, if our chimaek dinner was anything to go by, I can say with some confidence that Chicken Up will be here to stay.

Chicken Up Fried Chicken Wings Soy Sauce

Chicken Up’s food portions are delightfully large so better bring an appetite and friends to share the experience. You may be full from the fried chicken wings alone because they are so fleshy and meatier than what you get at the other chain restaurants.
We started off with the Ganjang Soya Chicken Wings (RM18/4pcs) which is a coated in Chicken Up’s 5 special garlic and soy sauce blends. The moment you sink your teeth into them, you can tell you are in for a treat. It’s hot and crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside – exactly how delicious fried chicken is supposed to be.
The sweetness of the sauce is just right to make it addictive but not so much as to make it cloying. You can definitely finish the entire basket of fried chicken without feeling jelak at all.

Chicken Up Crispy Fried Chicken
Chicken Up Yangnyum Chicken Wings

Other flavors we tried included their original Crispy (extra crunchy) and Yangnyum, which is a sweet and sour chilli sauce. All of them are equally tasty but if I had to pick a favorite it had to be the Ganjang Soya.

Chicken Up Bulgogi Fries
Bulgogi Fries Chicken Up Subang Jaya

Chicken Up’s Bulgogi Fries @ RM26 was freaking good and it took my taste buds a ride. The bulgogi was excellently succulent and the tangy white garlic sauce complemented both the beef and fries perfectly.
Every bite is bursting with flavor and totally calorie-worthy. I usually avoid fries like the plague but I couldn’t stop myself from digging into this.

Chicken Up Kimchi Fries

Kimchi Fries (RM26) was alright, it had shredded chicken instead so the overall texture was a bit dry for my liking. I also felt the kimchi flavor could have been bolder.

Chicken Up Army Stew Ugly Tang
Chicken Up Ugly Tang Army Stew

For some reason Chicken Up decided to name their Korean army stew (RM38) as “Ugly Tang“. That seems unfitting considering it was one of the better looking army stew we have seen so far.
The usual ingredients are there: kimchi, sausage, luncheon meat, kimchi and Korean ramen, but there are also a couple of other surprises such as smoked duck, macaroni and baked beans. The portion is large enough and can be shared comfortably by 3 or 4 people.

Chicken Up Let It Snow Topokki with Squid
Chicken Up Squid Topokki

The Snow Squid Topokki @ RM68 is also known as UFO Topokki. It’s basically a combination of traditional Korean street food like topokki, deep fried breaded squid and 5 other side dishes of caramelized kimchi, cheese, corn cheese, kimchi fried rice and steamed egg. The fried squid is garnished with grated padano cheese hence creating the ‘snowing’ effect.

Chicken Up Snow Squid Topokki

When the UFO Topokki is served, the staff will ask whether you are going to take photos of it – how nice of them. When you are done with the photos, then only they will proceed to cut the fried squid into smaller pieces. The fried squid will continue to cook in the gochujang sauce (lip-numbing spicy, no kidding) for a while to absorb the spicy goodness.

Chicken Up Yangpa Bomb
Chicken Up Seafood Pancake
Chicken Up Japchae

And here are some other things we had that did not particularly impress, but they didn’t disappoint either. Yangpa Bomb (crispy golden onion petals) @ RM18, Seafood and Green Onion Pancake (shrimps, squids, onion and chives with Korean batter mix) @ RM26 and Jabchae (stri fried glass noodles with mushroom, pepper, carrots and chives in soy sauce and beef seasoning) @ RM18.

Chicken Up Melon Bingsu

Dessert wise you won’t go wrong with their best-seller Melon Bingsu @ RM38. The melon itself was already sweet by itself and the bingsu texture is super refined and melt in your mouth soft. Highly recommended.

Chicken Up Lightbulb Drinks

Chicken Up Sojurita Beerita

There’s no shortage of beverage here and you have a vast selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic (served in lightbulb shaped containers) drinks to choose from. The Sojurita and Beerita are like cocktails, prepared with beer and soju served in over the top margarita cups. As you take a sip, lift the bottles just enough to let the soju/beer fill into your margarita, no spill and no mess!

Chicken Up Subang Jaya Fried Chicken

If there are only the two of you, my recommendation is to get the Bulgogi fries, any of the fried chicken wings and the Melon Bingsu. For larger groups, just top up with an Ugly Tang or Snow Squid Topokki and maybe swap the chicken wings with Mega Half Chicken, grab a couple of beers and you should be set for an enjoyable chimaek session.

Chicken Up Subang Jaya

No.7, 7-1, 7-2 Jalan SS15/4E
57500 Subang Jaya, KL
Tel: 017-577 9377
Business hours: 11.30am – 12am (last order 11pm)

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