Chillout Restaurant @ NEO Cyberjaya


Chillout could be the most chic restaurant in Cyberjaya at the moment, and just like the name says the atmosphere here is really chill and inviting making it a great place to hangout. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the food and service. Food wise, most of them are average at best except for their burgers, which received thumbs up from everyone who had it.



The lower dining area with a nice, comfy couch.


The upper dining area is somewhat for beer drinking as there is a bar here. Private functions and larger gatherings could also be held here since the tables at the lower are could only accomodate four to five people max. If you’re working in Cyberjaya as well and need a nice place for events, you could give Chillout a try by calling them first and ask for any special discounts. I don’t guarantee it but we were told that by the manager in person that he would provide discounts for groups larger than 10 (we had 16).


Anyway here’s the highly well-received burger, the only thing I would recommend based on the many other main courses we had. For RM10.90 (promotion price) it is very much worthy of the price – large portion and tasty. For those working in Cyberjaya you should know how difficult it is to find a nice, filling meal for this kind of price. Besides Western, African and Asian food are also available here but based on my colleagues’ feedback, the latter tastes off and weird – maybe because the chef is not local?


I had the NZ Sirloin Steak @ RM21.90 (normal price RM32.90) and all I could say about it is that it was edible. Overcooked to a rubbery and tough texture? Yes but still edible, most probably because I was starving. I should have had the burger like everyone else.


Now about the service. There is no question that the staff needs more training while the kitchen needs to speed up the pace. If you are the impatient type you can forget about eating here because your food will definitely take at least 30 minutes to arrive based on my current observation. But I am quite forgiving this round since they are still new and all. But gosh I hope they really improve on it because I am definitely returning for their burgers.

Chillout Restaurant
3A, Biz Avenue, Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat,
63000, NEO Cyberjaya
Business hour: Mon – Sat (12pm to 3am)

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