China Man House of China Restaurant @ Kepong


China Man restaurant, a full-fledged Chinese restaurant (obvious by its name) next to Carrefour Kepong. The entire staff is made of Chinese nationals, from the reception to the waiter to the cook. It is also one of those restaurants where you would find dishes whose English names are translated literally, word by word using Google translate. You know, the ones you have seen and chuckled on the internet. That aside, the menu selection is large and reasonably priced.


One of their signature dishes – Squirrel-Shaped Fish @ RM32. It is actually a Tilapia that has been deep fried and served with sweet and sour sauce. Mandarin fish is usually used in China, as per tradition.


The fish is deboned, skillfully butterflied open, and even had its flesh carefully sliced with spaces in between to ensure a blooming of diamond-like shapes. It is an exquisite looking dish complete with immaculate details alright but it tastes just like any other sweet and sour fish, maybe slightly better due to the appearance and all.


Another signature dish here is the Peking Duck, priced at RM38 for half a duck. It sounds pricey but keep in mind that the price is actually inclusive of another dish prepared using the rest of the duck (Peking Duck only uses the skin and some meat attached) And this is be the main reason to dine at China Man restaurant.


As usual some pancakes are provided to sandwich the crispy yet juciy roast duck skin, cucumber slices and scallions. It was delicious and ranks as one of the better Peking Duck I have tasted so far.


This is the other dish that I mentioned earlier, consisting mostly bones with some meat that were leftover from the duck. There are few ways to prepare it but I highly recommend trying the Salt and Pepper style (椒盐), which was lip smacking and finger licking good.


Dong Po Yuk, shown here is the portion for 1 pax. Not bad but just very oily and fatty, and truly guilt inducing. I don’t blame the chef though, as it is made using pork belly and intended to be the fattier the better. Health-conscious people, stay away.



Yong Chow Fried Rice and Mushroom Xiu Bak Choy were the usual stuff, just to make a complete meal.



You could see they did not stinge to spruce the restaurant with artistics pots and antique furnitures from China. It almost felt like a mini exhibition here. No wonder they call this an “Art and Dine” house.


China Man Restaurant also features some unique desserts like durian puff, which were unfortunately not available during our visit. For people coming in groups, they also have packages ranging from 2 to 10 pax that could be more saving compared to ordering ala carte.

China Man House of China Restaurant
No 33-7, Jalan Metro Perdana,
Taman Usahawan Kepong, Kepong Utara, Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 12.885 E101 38.582

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  1. I went and had similiar items also, but my experience was not so good.

    the peking duck came out lukewarm, and there were only 3 tables in the restaurant that time. ???!!!

    the salted duck bone, was a little too salty.

    the squirrel fish, had strong mud smell.

    the bok choy, well, was lacking in taste and very little gravy.

    my frens and i dint really enjoy our dinner.

  2. The squirrel looking fish looks good. Not to mention the Dong Poh Yuk…yummy! How come it’s called China Man while the restaurant name is clearly stating House of China?

  3. Yummy!

    The Chinese dishes got very difficult to remember names but I love these dishes. Most probably world’s best dishes are Chinese.

    @Author I’m feeling hungry after looking at these photos. Loved the photos


  4. One of the worst dining experiences ever. Being a frequent traveller of China, I have tasted the homecooked style Mainland food which was excellent and out of this world. This so called Chinaman place is not even remotely close to the standard. Apart from the staffs and owner are from China, nothing else is. And worst, it a pile of crap compared to the Malaysia local ‘tai chow’.
    Service was slow, ineffecient in a retarded sorta way. Cook cocked up several orders of other fellow diners. Portion was pathetic, and yes I ve ordered their LARGE portion and it was barely half of what i fed stray cats. Imagine your local tai chow regular portion,take half off, thats your chinaman ‘LARGE’.
    Food wise was just as bad., Ajinomoto lovers should put this in their to eat list soon.
    These so called restaurant should really packed up and start swimming back to Mainland.

  5. Yesterday I went to House of China Restaurant. Is different now, the 2nd shop had change to normal China(ese) style mostly like the steamboat style with the steamboat things. They had 2 shop, from your picture showing, the 1st shop remain and decoration is same but 2nd shop change like i said earlier.

    I don’t see any dish as you intro earlier which now much more China style like mapo tofu, hot & sour soup kinda of things. No more squirrel shape fish, peking duck kind of things jor. 1years really change alot

    I had try some other China(ese) Restaurant, the dish is not bad but nothing to shout about. It’s worth of trying too because in Kepong not easy to look for original and nice China dish and the things I love it is the price is not bad… Something like RM8 onwards, the portion is also not bad.

    Abit sad because there are no more nice decoration but still we got better price in return…


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