Chinese New Year Cookies – Pineapple and Strawberry Jam Tarts

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Yo! I am already at my home in Bukit Mertajam for the Chinese New Year holidays~ The first thing I did with my family was making some awesome cookies like pineapple and strawberry jam tarts and almond cookies. They look damn tempting and taste super delicious! You just couldn’t compare them with those sold outside at all, homemade for the win!


Pineapple jam tarts are a must for us during Chinese New Year. Guess who’s gonna put up some extra pounds lol. Let me show you the process..


Firstly, the pineapple jam must be prepared a day before. We only use fresh pineapple, blend it and strain away the juice. Then it is cooked in microwave until dry, add sugar and microwaved again until the sugar caramelizes, giving it a slight brownish color.


Put a dollop of pineapple jam on the pastry. The pastry’s shape is cut out using a mold, and further nipped using a tweezer carefully .

pineapple jam tart strips

Then strips of pastry are arranged like a cross shape on top of the tarts.


Apply a thin layer of egg yolks using a Chinese brush, this will give the tarts a yellowish shine. This step is actually optional but if you want your tarts to appear nicer, then this is a must.

pineapple jam cookies

How they look like before going into the microwave.


Freshly baked pineapple tarts! We also made some strawberry jam tarts using strawberry jam I bought from Cameron.


Since we had extra pastry we made another batch of strawberry jam tarts. Sorry, recipe for all the cookies are not available, unless I get the detailed info from my mom haha.


Lastly, we baked some almond cookies. Tomorrow, we will bake orange and chocolate cakes instead! By the way, I know many people are returning to their hometowns tonight. So, please drive safe and obey the speed limit.
Yesterday night there were some police road blocks along the North-South Highway and quite many drivers were summoned for speeding. Tonight, there would definitely be more road blocks. You wouldn’t want to receive an early “ang pao” and spoil your Chinese New Year right? lol.

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