2017 Chinese New Year Menu @ Genting Palace, Resorts World Genting

Prosperous Japanese Tuna Yee Sang
Prosperous Japanese Tuna Yee Sang

For the Chinese Lunar New Year, Resorts World Genting will be offering a spread of delectable festive food offerings this January and February.
At Genting Palace, the Chinese New Year menu is available for a variety of budgets, group size and food preferences starting from RM588 nett per table of 4 pax.

Prosperous Japanese Tuna Yee Sang

Genting Palace Yee Sang

Genting Palace Japanese Tuna Yee Sang

I had the opportunity to sample the RM1,788 package recently, and it’s probably the best Chinese New Year set I had so far. The iconic Chinese New Year dish, Yee Sang (topped with Japanese tuna) leads the way to 8 other dishes that follow in this feast of senses.

Genting Palace Double Boiled Seafood and Abalone


1. Double-boiled Dried Seafood and Abalone Treasure Pottage – a luxurious yet rustic soup that will pamper your palate. The dried seafood imparts a rich sweetness to the already flavor-packed soup, not a drop was left in the pot when we were done.

Genting Palace Marinated Royal Mountain Chicken in Fine Soy Sauce

2. Marinated Royal Mountain Chicken in Fine Soy Sauce – prepared using 马草鸡, a chicken that was fed exclusively with field horsetail and corn.
Since it’s pretty much a free-range chicken, it has a denser texture and meatier bite. It was simmered slowly in a pot of fine soy sauce for 35 minutes to let the flavor penetrate the meat. The result is a gorgeous looking chicken, cooked just right and thoroughly enjoyable.

Genting Palace Steamed River Marble Goby

3. Steamed River Marble Goby with Grispy Ginger – the fish was incredibly fresh with plenty of delicate and sweet flesh to go around. Simple but inarguably the best way to enjoy a Soon Hock.

Genting Palace Stewed Sea Cucumber with Goose Feet

Stewed Sea Cucumber with Goose Feet

4. Stewed Sea Cucumber with Goose Feet – a rather elaborate dish that combines sea cucumber and goose feet for a premium taste experience. The sea cucumbers are stuffed with a filling of roast pork cubes, diced water chestnuts, mushrooms in a superior stock then topped with strips of dried squids.

Genting Palace Pan Fried Marmite Prawns

Pan Fried Marmite Prawns

5. Pan-Fried Marmite Prawns – absolutely scrumptious, as the savory flavors meld to create this lip-smacking dish. Each prawn is evenly coated in a thick and luscious marmite sauce that sends your taste buds into orbit.

Genting Palace Golden Sweet Corn Fried Rice with Waxed Meat

6. Golden Sweet Corn Fried Rice with Waxed Meat – the perfect example of how a ‘lap mei fan’ should be. You can tell that the chef did not hold back on the amount of waxed meat used, so that the rice would turn out aromatic and flavorful.

Pineapple Tart Genting

The meal ends with two kinds of desserts: Sweetened Cream of Red Bean with Eight Treasures (no photo) and Pineapple Tarts as shown above. Resorts World’s specially crafted pineapple tarts are made with pure pineapple jam encased in a crumbly pastry.

Genting Pineapple Tart

Genting Pineapple Tarts Filling

Genting Pineapple Tarts Ingredients

As you can see, the pineapple filling has a fibrous texture which indicates the high content of fruit pulp. In fact, if you look at the list of ingredients you will find that there’s nothing artificial about them, they are all natural.

Chef Jacky Yap Genting Palace

Chef Jacky Yap (of Genting Palace) explained to us that Resorts World Genting gets 20 tonnes of premium grade pineapple every year to produce their signature pineapple tarts. “We don’t really care about the profit, as long as the pineapple tarts taste good, that’s our utmost priority” – there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Genting Pineapple Tarts

FYI, the pineapple tarts are available in air tight container (20 pcs) @ RM39 nett or in red lid container with handle (12 pcs) @ RM28 nett. You can purchase them at the kiosks located at Genting Palace, Good Friends Restaurant and First World Hotel lobby.

Genting Palace Restaurant

Restoran Genting Palace Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting Chinese New Year Promotion

Yee Sang: 14 January to 11 February 2017

Dine in
Genting Palace, 2nd Floor, Genting Grand (take-away available)
Seasons, Lobby Floor, Genting Grand
Imperial Rama, Level 2, Maxims
Good Friends Restaurant, Level 2, Maxims (take-away available)
Ming Rn, Level 2, Maxims
e18hteen Inspired Dining, 18th Floor, Maxims
Resort Seafood Steamboat, Level 1, Resort Hotel

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