Chinese Pastries @ Kim Fah Tea House, Raub

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After checking out from Eight Acres, we decided to have lunch at Raub town before driving back to KL. But first we needed some local insights so I consulted my university mate, whose hometown is in Bentong and has been operating an eatery in Raub for the past few years.
He suggested me a few worthy makan places and they were: Ratha Curry House – arguably the most popular restaurant in town, the two coffee shops along Jalan Tun Razak that serve decent coffee and traditional toasts, or at a Chinese bakery called Kim Fah. All of them are located downtown and you could actually walk to them within minutes due to the fact that Raub town is not exactly big.


We hit the Tea House first which sells a variety of pastries and also some other local food like Chee Cheong Fun. If you set the expectations straight (as warned by my Raub friend) you will find the pastries satisfying at least, else there wil be some disappointment.


As much as I want to praise the pastries like others do, I couldn’t find anything spectacular about them. Don’t get me wrong though they are really not bad, but nothing fantastic either. Well, maybe except for the ‘Char Siu Sou’ which was above average and is actually worthy of bringing home.


If there’s anything I would actually recommend having here it would be the coffee and tea. They do not taste like those found in the cities where they are prepared thick and heavily-sweetened to fool us into thinking it is nice. The kopi here is quite ‘kao’ and aromatic, somewhat different from the generic ones served at the usual coffee shops, while the tea has a smoother-than-usual texture akin to HK’s version of milk tea. I would drink them everyday if possible, good stuff.


There are only two main streets in Raub and this old-fashioned tea house is located along one of them, I am sure you won’t miss the place.

Kim Fah Tea House
Address: 28 Jalan Dato’ Abdullah, Raub
GPS Coordinates: N3 47.574 E101 51.383
Tel: 09 355 1182
Operating Hours: 8am-6.30pm

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