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Ah Teck Chwee Kueh (Steamed Rice Cakes) @ Jalan Yahya, Muar


Chwee Kueh (水粿 – ‘Water Cake’) is a food that is relatively non-existent in the northern and center region of Malaysia. To get a taste of this fast-disappearing snack that is usually eaten for breakfast, you need to head south to Johor or Singapore for the best ones – where they are still commonly eaten by the locals.


There are three parts to a Chwee Kueh – steamed rice cake, minced preserved radish (‘chai po’) and chili sauce. Having tried both local and Singaporean Chwee Kueh, I could say that both countries’ versions are actually very similar. The only notable difference would be on the sweetness of the preserved radish and the spiciness of the chili sauce.

Muar Chwee Kueh

One of the few standing Chwee Kueh stalls in Muar could be found at Jalan Yahya, just in front of the Toto shop. It is only open in the morning and has been a local favorite for breakfast for many years. The price is really cheap too, 10 of these delectable morsels cost only RM2. You could opt for 5 pieces for RM1 too if you want.


Traditional cooking method is still practiced here, a charcoal stove is used to maintain the heat of the ‘chai po’. The pot has to be constantly stirred though, as not to burn them.


Although I wanted to pay for my 5 pieces of Chwee Kueh, uncle insisted to treat us. Maybe it was because I was busy snapping photos around the stall and he thought I am some sort of journalist. Nevertheless, it was a really nice gesture which we really appreciated. This is why I love small towns, people are so nice and generally friendlier.


Chwee Kueh Stall
Jalan Yahya, Muar
GPS Coordinates: N 02° 02’53.7″ E102°34’09.5″
Business Hours: 7-11am

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  1. Hi,

    Chwee Kueh Steamed Rice Cakes. I never saw such a dish from rice. i have a Christmas shopping vacation plan to Malaysia. So on that time i try to taste it. Can i know any restaurant or hotel name to get this Chwee Kueh.

    Christina Kylee

  2. Oh! I think i saw this in Axian. Taste with Jason in AFC. Sometimes can find them in Kepong, few years ago. My parents brought it home. But now, definitely very difficult to find :(

  3. Near Segi College (KL) got 1 uncle selling it in the alleys, the taste is not bad albeit its cold as the uncle does not warm it with a steamer.


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