Classic Cuisine Restaurant @ Taman Meranti Jaya, Puchong


Last week me and a few other friends were at Puchong to try out a new restaurant in Taman Meranti Jaya. The name of the said restaurant is Classic Cuisine – 京典名菜. Unlike the normal Puchong you would see while driving along the LDP highway, this area is quite serene and green due to its fairly remote location. Our choices of food that night were mostly signature dishes recommended by the captain. And the funny thing is, coincidentally most of they all came in clay pots too – something we only realized after all the food had arrived.


Red Wine and Hawthorn Berry Pork Ribs (红酒山楂骨) @ RM23 – nicely marinated, rich in taste but not overly sweet. Strawberry and orange bits are cleverly added not only for decoration purpose but also to give the dish a refreshing fruity flavor.


Creamy Pumpkin Butter Prawns @ RM54 (500grams) – the thick, creamy sauce is enjoyable but sadly the prawns were overdone to the point of being slightly mushy. It was a shame since the prawns were sea-fresh.


For me the best dish that night was the Claypot Sea Garoupa @ RM30, this is something that I would not hesitate to order again in my next visit. Besides the fish itself, the stew also had three layered pork slices, Chinese mushroom and tofu thrown in. Even though the fish was deep fried before being cooked again in the clay pot, the flesh still managed to remain quite tender. Plus, you gotta love the crispy skin that soaked up the flavorul gravy.


Stewed Pork Heel and Chicken Feet @ RM25 was not on the menu. Rather, it was a special of the day that was highly recommended to us. The combination was new to me but it proved to be a winning one, as the flavor was great and both ingredients worked so well together. The taste could get quite addictive if you ask me. But if you are not a fan of chicken feet then too bad. Like the fish mentioned earlier, this dish is better taken with rice because the seasoning is quite heavy.


And lastly, Claypot Seafood Tofu @ RM12 – not bad overall but certainly nothing to write home about either. I guess the only thing worth mentioning is the large amount of seafood they used to prepare this for a relatively cheap price.


Actually we also tried many other things that were mostly vegetables and soup but I didn’t take any pictures. Now I kinda regret it because the way they were prepared is quite out of the ordinary as well eg. bitter gourd with bean sprouts and salted fish, clay pot prawn paste ‘yau mak’ (yet another clay pot related dish) and superior chicken soup with Shimeji mushroom.
So overall based on the what we had, I think it is safe to say that Classic Cuisine’s food does deliver and is not likely to disappoint. However, for those staying outside Puchong, I think you might want to give this a miss. Not worth the drive IMO.

Classic Cuisine Restaurant 京典名菜
61-G Blk D, Tanming Boulevard,
Jalan Meranti Jaya 3/1,
Taman Meranti Jaya, 47120 Puchong
GPS Coordinates: N2 58.768 E101 36.548

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  1. Wow !Those food looks very delicious .
    Anyway thanks for sharing this post.
    I wish I didn’t read this article on an empty stomach T_T

  2. The picture itself is really mouth-watering and it really entices me to pay a visit in Malaysia. How about the tourist security there? As what you have said that this place is far-flung.

  3. A very good write-up and comment indeed coz I lunch there once a month. For those seldom travel to Puchong and w/o GPS, I award RM1 for finding the restaurant. Good food ,wrong location.


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