Cojiitii Malaysia – Chocolate & Tea Drinks @ The Starling Mall

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The drinks market in Klang Valley is saturated with brands that focus on milk tea and coffee. If you are looking for an alternative that stands out from the rest, check out Cojiitii at The Starling Mall.



What makes Cojiitii different is that they have focused on serving chocolate and fruit based drinks since their inception.
It was only until recently that they have expanded their menu to include Milk Tea, Bubble Tea, Milk Cover and Cheese Cover series of drinks.



Since Cojiitii is chocolate-centered drink brand, their Fresh Milk series (between RM8.90 to RM10.90) are what you should try, especially for first time customers.
They use a superior frothing milk that’s specially used by coffee baristas and Belgium dark chocolate to make their chocolate flavored drinks.


Because the melted dark chocolate is pure and unsweetened, 75% sugar level is recommended – just nice and not too sweet. You can opt for even less sugar if you prefer a richer chocolate flavor.
Every cup also comes with bits of dark chocolate chips at the bottom of the cup that you can chew and suck on. One sip is all it takes to know it’s more superior than those prepared with chocolate flavored syrups.



Fresh Lemon @ RM6.50 is another recommended drink here. Its refreshing and cooling properties are great for a hot day and can even act as a pallete cleanser after a heavy meal.
Cojiitii uses slightly blended freshly sliced lime to extract the tangy juice, which is filtered then mixed with water and sugar. It’s as fresh as you can get it.



Cojiitii’s Milk Tea series are cheaper than most established brands, but taste similar in quality. Their tapioca pearls (boba) are cooked in fine sugar instead of brown sugar for that shiny golden color.


Most of the commonly available flavors such as green tea, passion fruit, mango and hazelnut/caramel are available for their Cheese and Milk cover series. All of them are designed to have a colorful and layered presentation, perfect for photos.


All in all, if you are a chocolate lover, Cojiitii’s Fresh Milk series is a must try. The ingredients used are as natural as possible too considering every cup contains only milk, pure dark chocolate and sugar. Not to mention they taste wonderful and are reasonably priced too.



Cojiitii Malaysia
The Starling Mall
Lot K-F-101, First Floor
Damansara Utama, 47400 PJ

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