Cowboys Food Truck @ Shell TTDI


Just a few months shy of being 1 year old, Cowboys Food Truck was started by three friends who enjoy a good barbecue. But what struck me more was that Nizar, one of the founders actually left his comfy financial consulting job to start this food truck. I have always believed that passion comes first, do what you love and the money will follow, some way or another.
Food wise, the ‘cowboys’ offer a variety of halal American-style barbecue and their best sellers include chicken wings, burgers, nachos and beef brisket – all served with their homemade sauces.



Being a food truck, the menu is kept simple with a choice of 7 dishes (rotates daily) ranging from RM10 to RM20. As soon as they were open, there was a steady flow of customers and orders started to pour in.
We also quickly got in line and placed our orders. It took them about 10-15 minutes to get our order out, which wasn’t exactly fast nor slow considering they prepared everything fresh except the sauce.


For RM8, the Cheese Nachos‘ portion is big and it’s perfect for sharing with a friend or two. Although the cheese sauce was rich and thick, it was not too salty so it wasn’t ‘jelak’ at all.


And these are seriously some of the best chicken wings in town. I tell you, if you come to Cowboys Food Truck, you MUST try their chicken wings. Just look at the wings’ thick crust and you know it’s going to be super crunchy with a shattering crisp crust.
They come in half a dozen @ RM12.90 and available in Spicy BBQ and Garlic Parmesan sauce. Both are great but the winner has got to be the sinfully delicious Garlic Parmesan which makes an epic pairing with the already delicious on-its-own chicken wings.


The tacos here are served in a soft shell with nachos on the side. In hindsight we probably should have gotten another taco instead of an a la carte nachos. Anyway, the Chica Taco @ RM10.90 is stuffed with chunks of spicy and juicy fried chicken, lots of greens and topped off with an excellent chipotle mayo.

Cowboy's Food Truck TTDI

Overall, our dinner with Cowboys Food Truck was a better than expected experience and we were pleased with everything we had especially their signature chicken wings. Food presentation may not be tops and certainly could be improved, but the food sure is tasty and affordable. If you ask me, these should be the qualities to look for in a food truck.

Cowboys Food Truck
Business hours: Tue – Sun (7pm – 11pm)
Refer their Facebook page for their schedule
Tel: 019-251 8072 (Nizar)

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