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Crabs @ Wong Poh Seafood Restaurant, Bukit Mayang Mas, PJ


Restoran Wong Poh has been around long enough to have established a reputation for their seafood dishes, especially their Claypot Butter Crabs. If you were to make a comparison of the best crab restaurants in PJ, Wong Poh has got to be on your list. Being a seafood lover I had been here a couple of times but there was only once when I managed to snap some photos.


As the restaraunt’s signature dish, the Claypot Butter Crab appeared on almost every table. Unless you really hate butter and cheese or maybe dining on a budget – I don’t see any reason not to order this.
Price wise the crabs might be slightly pricier than your neighborhood restaurant but they are certainly not the most expensive around. We usually ask for the bigger crabs so that we could enjoy a more fleshy experience. Even though it’d cost us more (the bigger crabs are more expensive) we always felt it was worth it.


Like most restaurants that specialize in crab, fried mantau are served for dipping into the sauce of the dish may it be sweet and sour, butter or kam heong style. While we thoroughly enjoyed the buns, we hope they’d be more generous with the butter sauce, as we would have ordered seconds and even thirds of the mantou without skipping a beat.


The Claypot Crab Porridge is one of the lesser-ordered dish here, mainly because I think it does not appeal to our tastebuds so much when compared to the other more savoury options. But if you’re looking to taste the crab’s original flavour apart from steaming or baking this might be a good choice. The porridge was lightly seasoned with a pleasant sweetness imparted from the whole crab.


The Salted Egg Squid was delicious, best enjoyed while it’s warm and crunchy. Crab aside, other recommended dishes here include the two-way spinach (deep fried and stir fried), Sang Har (river prawn) curry, stir fried pork intestine with cili padi and dried shrimp, pork belly and wild boar curry.


Anyway, I am aware that inconsistency plagues this place especially on the freshness of the crabs. So what I’d advise you to do is to ensure the crabs they pick for you is live and if possible, inspect it for yourself to ensure you get the most of your buck.

Wong Poh Restaurant
36 & 38, Jalan Bukit Mayang 1/2,
Bukit Mayang Mas, 47301 Petaling Jaya
Business hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm & 5.30pm -11pm

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