Crispy Fried Oyster (Oh Chien) @ Lam Ah Coffee Shop, Lebuh Chulia

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I know that the Fried Oyster (Oh Chien) at the old New World Park coffee shop has always been great. But when I went back recently to savor it the taste was somehow different and not as good as I remembered.
After visiting Lam Ah Coffee Shop today to try a recommended Fried Oyster only I knew the reason for the deteriorated taste: the original Fried Oyster cook at New World Park, Mr. Gan has relocated to Lam Ah 2 years go after the opening of New World Park food court due to increased rent and diminishing customers.


He revealed that his Fried Oyster is done according to Thai style – dry and crispy by default. If you like the local style more, which is more moist and starchy, he also prepares it. Just let him know when you are ordering. The smallest portion starts at RM5 then followed by RM8 and RM10.


Only local oysters are used for his fried oysters, they are smaller in size but certainly big on taste. The oysters, ordered from a supplier to ensure daily availability is retrieved every morning to ensure the freshness. Because they are so fresh, they can be even eaten raw!


Mr. Gan actually acquired the fried oyster skill from the father of a close friend, who decided not to pursue the business. With an experience of 12-13 years in the business, you can be sure he is already master himself, maybe even better than his sifu.
The quality of oysters aside, his starch, sauces and spices are self-concocted and all have them have secret ingredients sourced from China to give the uniquely delicious taste.
For your information, the starch and oysters are not fried together in 1 batch. Instead, a layer of starch mixed with egg is first fried. This process is done on high heat to ensure the triangular shape would take place fast, complete with an extremely crispy texture.
After that, a handful of oysters mixed with the special chilli sauce and spices would be fried separately then topped on the crispy omelette as completion.


The end result is a simply mouth watering plate of fried oyster with the most amazingly crunchy that gives the crisp crackling sound with each bite. The oysters are equally enjoyable as well after being fried together with wonderfully flavorful mixture of spice. Not a whiff of fishy and unpleasant taste was detected in the oysters too!

lam ah fried oyster

From top left in clockwise direction: Frying the batter, cutting and shaping it; delicious fried oysters; flipping the omelette; the stall; chilli sauce and spices used for the cooking; fresh raw oysters.


Lam Ah is actually well known for housing one of the ebst Beef Soup Koay Teow in Penang but now it is also home to one of the best Fried Oyster in town. So it is definitely good news for us as we can have best of both worlds in one meal lol. Do note that Lam Ah is closed every Sunday and during public holidays. Kinda weird for a coffee shop to do so if you ask me.

Mr. Gan Crispy Fried Oysters
Lam Ah Coffee Shop (opposite Beach Road fire station)
Lebuh Chulia
GPS Coordinates: N5 24.925 E100 20.365
Business hours: 10:30am to 4:30pm
Closed on Sundays and public holidays

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