Croissant Delicatessen @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas


Croissant Delicatessen is a sandwich bar that uses croissant instead of the usual bread. It is located at the boulevards section of Plaza Damas just outside Hartamas Shopping Centre.
The easiest way to look for this newly opened restaurant is to look for Subway and Pastryville, as it is situated between them. Staying close to your competition has never been truer!

Croissant Delicatessen Plaza Damas KL

Since Croissant Delicatessen only occupies half the size of a normal shoplot, the air-conditioned indoor dining space is quite limited. So customers in larger groups would have to settle for the al-fresco seats along the sidewalk.
For the croissants, there are a total four flavours including classic, garlic, pumpkin and .. wasabi! Currently there are a only a slightly more than a handful of sandwich you could choose from, each designed with a specific croissant flavour in mind.


For example, it is recommended that you get the wasabi croissant for the Ocean Tuna sandwich @ RM11.80. Wasabi is known to go well with seafood which is why it is paired with tuna.
If you are worried that the wasabi flavour would be overwhelming, don’t worry because the taste is actually very mild – just enough to tickle your senses. I highly recommend this sandwich even though it appears to be the most common one.


Not all croissant have the same texture, the pumpkin croissant has a thicker crust hence taste crunchier than the rest. It is suggested (you could choose otherwise if you want) you get it for the Pumpkin, Mushroom & Ham sandwich @ RM13.80. This sandwich has a lot of texture going from the various stuffing with a rich, earthy flavour.


After trying out two savoury croissants, time for a sweet treat. The Mixed Berries Chantilly @ RM12.80 is a classic croissant filled with sweetened whipped cream and chocolate sauce, served with mixed berries for a refreshing and fruity bite. If both your appetite and wallet allow, do try this dessert. We liked it a lot despite being a little messy to enjoy properly.


Another reason to rejoice: Croissant Delicatessen serves great coffee at reasonable prices. Don’t miss out the green tea latte which I thought was truly a sublime experience.



Croissant Delicatessen
Lot P-3M(2), Plaza Ground Floor
Hartamas Shopping Centre
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-6206 4410
Business hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

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