Curry Laksa @ Chicken Cuisine, Glenmarie

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This curry laksa @ curry noodle stall is introduced by none other than my dear gf. When she was working as a industrial trainee in Shah Alam, her colleagues always brought her to Glenmarie for the famous curry laksa. She has been telling me how good the curry laksa tasted, which I can only ponder. After returning to Cyberjaya to work, I finally have the opportunity to try it.

curry mee

The modus operandi is systematic and seems almost like a human factory for producing your very own bowl of curry noodles.

curry mee stall

Firstly, you will specify what type of noodles you want. You can choose from bihun, yellow noodle, koay teow or huang di mian. Then, you can opt to ‘ka liu’ (add ingredients) with the array of yong tau fu or curry chicken. Fish ball, brinjal, tau fu pok, fish cake, dumpling are some of the yong tau fu you can add. If you don’t eat si-ham (cockles), this is also where you can ask for it to be omitted. Next, another person will prepare the noodle with the ingredients chosen. Lastly, payment and retrieving the curry noodle you have just customized.

curry mee

This was SL’s curry noodle, with her favorite brinjals and dumplings. Oh my, that looked so tempting and tasty!

curry noodle

Mine, on the other hand only had extra fried dumplings. This curry noodle is also known as curry mee in Penang. The main difference I noticed between Penang and Kuala Lumpur curry mee would be the soup. Penang version’s soup is sweeter and the chili is added separately, so the soup appears white-ish. In KL, curry noodle’s soup is cooked together with chili and the noodles are topped with curry chicken. Because of this, the soup is so much thicker and spicier by default.

curry mee shop

The stall does not have a name but there was a name printed on the t-shirts they were wearing. Too bad I forgot the name, lol. Anyway the curry noodle stall is selling in a coffee shop named Chicken Cuisine. Very recommended if you like thick, rich and spicy curry laksa. It is located in HICOM Glenmarie, just after the Shell and Caltex stations. This is the exact address of the coffee shop I got from A Whiff of Lemongrass.

6, Jalan UI/Seksyen UI Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park,
40150 Shah Alam

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