Curry Leaf Restaurant @ Damansara Uptown, PJ

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As a suburb, Damansara Utama is exceptionally well-known for cafés, hawker food and restaurants catering not only to the nearby office crowd but also neighbouring communities in PJ. If you’re into Banana Leaf or Indian food in general, Curry Leaf restaurant would be worth a trip even if you’re not staying in PJ.

Anyway, if you Googled Curry Leaf, you will see scores of glowing articles and reviews given by newspapers, online news portal and other food bloggers. So just to give a quick intro, this eatery has its roots in Seremban and they are particularly known for serving dishes from both Northern and Southern Indian regions. In fact, all of their chefs are from India to ensure the authenticity.


The Banana Leaf rice here is served with four vegetables @ RM6. It which might appear ordinary but they are actually pretty good, especially their signature stir-fried brinjal and potato and chickpeas.
At least it’s something different from what you always get like cucumber salad and long beans. The curries are nice too and prepared to how I personally like them, rich tasting, evenly spiced with a slightly thick consistency.


With more than a hundred a la carte dishes to choose from, it’d take lots of visits to try every single one of them. Luckily (and smart of them) they have introduced a few sharing platters feature some of their best selling items.
The Curry Leaf Fried Platter @ RM28 consists of Chicken 65 (boneless), fried squid and prawns and is recommended for those who wish to try a mix of meat and seafood appetizers. I really liked the way they prepared the fried seafood using spice marinade and sesame seeds for that extra fragrance and nutty flavour. It all just blends well together.


For something more traditional, you can’t go wrong with the Tandoori Platter @ RM19.90 that combines three meaty selections of Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka and Chicken Lakshimi Kebab. The price is really reasonable considering the portion, it’s large enough to be shared among three.

Claypot Fish Curry & Briyani

Depending on your preference and budget, you have a choice of Fish Head Curry @ RM35 or Claypot Fish Curry @ RM18. We got the latter because the portion was said to be more suitable for 2 pax.
Even though it was prepared with boneless dory fillets, the creamy and aromatic curry gravy was able to mask ‘that’ smell dory fish usually has. But if you are looking for better quality then of course the fish head curry (Jenahak) is recommended.
The Mutton Briyani @ RM9 might look small in the steel handi but don’t be deceived, as the portion is surprisingly big and there are generous cubes of tender, perfectly cooked mutton in it. The flavor was spot on and I actually enjoyed it better with the fish curry rather than the yogurt.


We also had some curry and gravy-based dishes to go with the banana leaf such as Mutton Vindaloo @ RM11, Chicken Hyderabadi Kurma @ RM11 and Masala Prawn @ RM12. Among all, the Mutton Vindaloo was the spiciest (in fact the spiciest of everything we had that day) while the other two were really mild.
And I feel the Masala Prawn is definitely worth ordering too. Not only the spices are highly flavoursome and uniquely different from the usual masala, the prawns were extremely fresh too.


If you still have the space for it, don’t miss out the Kashmiri Naan @ RM6.50. Topped with dried mix fruits and slices of sweet local Mangoes, this fits wonderfully as a filler or dessert at the end of the meal. We thought it looked familiar to what we had at Shaheen Palace but over here, the naan is thinner with a slight crisp at the bottom.


As for the drinks, they are reasonably priced and I absolutely loved the Mango Lassi @ RM4. I know, I know, it’s boring to order the same thing repeatedly. But when it’s this good, I don’t see why not. It was thick, smooth and had the right amount of sweetness – just great to have on a hot day.


All in all, we enjoyed every single dish we had, albeit I thought some could have been spicier. At Curry Leaf, the prices are reasonable, food portions are of a good size, place is clean and there’s nothing to fault on their service. So, I don’t see any reason not to eat here, well except maybe for the horrendous parking on weekdays.


Curry Leaf Restaurant
75, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7726 5880
Business hours: 7am to 10pm

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