Curry Mee @ Restoran Mika, Taman Sri Kijang

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This Curry Mee stall at Taman Sri Kijang is listed in malfreemap’s food directory and was also recommended in the forums. I went to try it this morning out of curiosity. Unfortunately it turned out it was a very bad Curry Mee that I will never touch again lol. This made me wonder if I tried the wrong one. But this is the only Curry Mee stall I saw in the area, hmm.


Anyway, besides the same ol’ ingredients it also had deep fried bean curd sheets, which is not commonly found in the traditional Curry Mee. The soup was bland tasting and the chili paste was not able to complement the Curry Mee at all. I only had a few taste and decided to discard it totally. No point elaborating further. If I were to give it a rating, it would be at most 3/10.


Taman Sri Kijang Curry Mee
Restoran Mika, Bukit Mertajam
GPS Coordinates: N5 19.286 E100 28.347

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