D Kuang Seafood Restaurant @ Kampung Baru, Bukit Mertajam

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For a cheap and tasty meal, D Kuang Seafood Restaurant at Kampung Baru (Bukit Mertajam) would be a great choice. Here, a dinner for a family of four would cost only a little over RM50 and you could have five dishes inclusive of seafood, meat and vegetable. Sounds good? Read on.


Kung Pao Mantis Prawn @ RM8 – one of the crunchiest and freshest mantis prawns I have tasted so far. The portion is small but definitely sufficient to share among three or four pax. One of the things I like about D Kuang is that they prepare the dishes’ portions according to your preferences. Some restaurants would deliberately prepare dishes in big portions in order to charge more in the bill later. Here, you get to specify the portion in headcount. No need to worry about being ‘chopped’.


Fried Squid @ RM8 for the smallest portion. About two large sized squids were used and they were great because of the freshness and not to mention the really crispy coating. Soggy coating is a no-no in any fried seafood caused by low temperature of the oil.


Braised Pork Leg @ RM10, this was actually nothing outstanding for me but it was OK if considering the portion. Pork is not cheap nowadays and getting a healthy portion of pork leg like this for only RM10 is actually quite a steal.


A variety of steaming options for fish can be found at D Kuang and two of the more uniques one would be Tomyam and Vietnamese style. Shown here is a Stingray Steamed in Vietnamese Style @ RM18. For Vietnamese style D Kuang recommended us to take stingray because of its flesh’s smoothness.
Despite the rather unappealing look, it was very meaty and enjoyable. I highly recommend this to those who like sweet and sour with mildly spicy tasting food. The tangy gravy goes very well with rice too for its appetizing flavor.


And finally, Xiao Bai Cai for RM5.


The food inclusive of rice only came to a total of RM51.40, very very reasonable if you ask me. Currently, it is the cheapest seafood restaurant we have come across in BM. As for the environment although it is a simple roadside restaurant, the outlet is definitely clean and no flies were seen. Come early before 6.30pm or it would get crowded really fast after that.

D Kuang Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Berjaya, Bukit Mertajam
GPS Coordinates: N5 20.942 E100 28.333

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