Dapur Penyet @ Maju Junction Mall, KL


If you like your Ayam Penyet spicy then you ought to try out Dapur Penyet. Like most of the more successful ayam penyet restaurants in Malaysia, Dapur Penyet is also a franchise but with a fast-food concept. That means you queue to order, pay immediately and food will be sent to your table accordingly. Everything else such as extra sambal, kicap manis, napkin and cutlery, is self-service.


Dapur Penyet’s menu is quite extensive and features different type of penyet dishes of land and sea and some traditional Indonesian food such as bakso and soto ayam. The prices are reasonable and affordable enough so a satisfying meal here shouldn’t cost more than RM15/pax.

Dapur Penyet Ayam-Penyet

The Ayam Penyet @ RM8.90 was alright, as the fried chicken could have been crispier. But we were willing to overlook that because the sambal here is really good and so spicy that it’d knock your socks off. I am quite spicy-tolerant myself and still found the sambal to be punishingly hot.

Dapur Penyet Ayam-Sambal Hijau

Another tongue sizzling dish is their Ayam Sambal Hijau @ RM8.90. Instead of the usual red sambal you are given chunks of green chillies which was equally – if not even spicier condiment. It was definitely headrush-inducing and eye-wateringly spicy and should not be attempted unless you are accustomed to having spicy foods.

Dapur Penyet Bawal-Bakar

We were a little disappointed by the freshness of the fish but despite that the Bawal Bakar @ RM9.90 was still quite enjoyable, mainly due to the sweet soy sauce marinade. I’d recommend the bakar options for those who couldn’t handle spicy food, as the sweetness from the marinade would help to alleviate the spiciness in the sambal.


Dapur Penyet has many branches scattered around Klang Valley so it wouldn’t be a problem to look for one nearby. As for me, the nearest one from Kepong was at Maju Junction Mall so that explains why we were here.

Dapur Penyet
Unit G-15A & 17
Ground Floor, Maju Junction Mall
Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 KL
Tel: 03-2796 3233

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