De’ Champion Duck @ Medan Putra Business Centre, Bandar Menjalara

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There are many roast duck restaurants in Kepong especially along the stretch of ‘Wai Sek Kai’. Among all, Onn Kee has to be the most famous one in the vicinty but I have never really liked their style of roast duck because I find it too dry and the sauce is not that great either. If you ask me, the only thing I would recommend over at Onn Kee would be their roast pork. It is definitely one of the better ones around that I won’t mind taking away for lunch.
Because their overrated roast ducks are receiving far too much undeserved attention, Onn Kee’s roast pork remains pretty much an undiscovered gem, among the Netizens of course. That being said, allow me to suggest you present you a better place for roast duck in Kepong – De’ Champion Duck at Bandar Menjalara.


Although looks can be deceiving, there is nothing deceptive about the roast duck here. The bronzed duck is perfectly roasted with a crisp skin and an aromatic charcoal flavor in the lean, yet juicy meat. The sauce is more than just an accompaniment and is worth a mention too. It has a nice consistency, well-seasoned (not too sweet nor salty) and does great to enhance the overall tastiness without being too overpowering.
Basically all the characteristics I look for in a good roast duck are here so I couldn’t be more satisfied. Price wise it won’t be cheap but at least standard when compared to the others – RM24 for half and RM16 for a quarter. And like at other restaurants that specialize in roast duck, you can expect more than a type of duck here. They are the Drunken Roast Duck and Dong Guai Roast Duck but just so you know, both have a minimum order of half a duck.


At first I did not have high expectations for the Char Siew. But when it arrived on our table I knew I was in for something special. And I am glad I was right. The pork belly Char Siew is indeed delectable and tastes on par with any other famous ones in KL. The sweet, caramelized parts on the edges that melt in your mouth are simply the best. The price is quite steep though, RM13 for a portion like this.


The bodyful and garlicky chili sauce, adds a subtle kick and opens up the appetite too.



While eating I overheard some passersby saying that the roast pork here is ‘hou hou sek’ and that alone was enough to spark my curiosity. So for my next visit (which will happen really soon) I am going to try their roast pork along with the two other types of roast duck. Between them, I am particularly interested in the Drunken roast duck, the name of it alone sounds promising enough. Ahh, can’t wait.

Restoran De’ Champion Duck
No. 10 Jalan 3/62D (behind the row of shops facing the main road)
Medan Putra Business Centre,
Bandar Menjalara, 52200 KL
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.615 E101 37.518
Business hours: 11.30am to 9pm daily

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